Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When Do YOU Burn The Most Fat? & Are You A Slacker?

Hi Everyone,

(This is from: F I T 3 6 5)

Most every article on this topic begins
with the word "HOW."

"How to burn more bodyfat!"

That sort of thing.

I've written several books on the subject
so that is not the point of today's ah-ha
moment. The point is WHEN.

At what time of day do you burn the
most amount of bodyfat? How can
you use this knowledge to increase
your own fat-burning power?

Sounds interesting... so let's dive in.

First, I want you to remember this old
saying that I came up with about two
years ago. That makes it old enough
to be an old saying...

You burn more fat at night
if you're doing it right.

Next in line is the morning time.

Hokey, but effective... and true. If you
are dialed in with your nutrition plan
and sufficient exercise the night can
become your best friend.

Your body is like a vampire, only it's
sucking on fat cells and doesn't dress
like a high school goth guy.

There are many reasons for this. First,
you are secreting growth hormone in
larger quantities at night. In particular
during the first few hours of deep sleep.

Second, your mind is in the proper state.
Yep: Mental relaxation is a powerful
fat-burner. Decreasing the "stressmones"
(that's what I call them) like coritsol helps
your body shed fat.

Finally, your body is digesting food at
night which requires (you got it) energy.
Energy that comes from your fat cells
if you have your nutrition plan rocking.

Isn't that cool?


Yesterday was the first day of Boot Camp
Did You Enroll Yet?

Are You A Slacker?

Have you been missing workouts?
Maybe you have a sick relative...No
Maybe you are sick...No
Working 2 Shifts in a row...No
Well let's look at what else could be going on.
Hitting the snooze....Yes
Making time to watch Dancing With The Stars....Yes
Keep waiting for the 1st,next week, next month or
some other crazy day....Yes
Then you are a SLACKER
STOP trying to get started, or trying to get to the gym...DO IT!
STOP making excuses, TiVo your shows watch them later.....
Workouts are YOUR TIME, Don't Miss Them, Don't Skip Them

Fat loss is like running a business or household budget. You have to control what comes in and what goes out.
And as many successful business owners and household managers will tell you, "What gets measured, gets improved".
That's why, if you are truly committed to losing fat, you need to take measurements of your body (body fat and tape measures of your arms, legs, hips, and waist) and track those changes over time.

Have you enrolled yet??????????

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