Saturday, October 18, 2008

12 Days of Fitness

12 Days of FITNESS is Back

for All of you who are not familiar, here is what it is:

Every year during the Holiday season in December, a select group of Fitness Professionals, Coaches, Nutritionists and others get together and Give Back for 12 Days in a row.

Give what? Well it will vary ...Some trainer give e-books on weight loss, other give videos, trials to different sites. The idea is that we all get together and give back...for FREE

So for 12 Days in December you will get FREE gift from trainer from all over the world.

So this year we are doing it again

No we have about 7-8 weeks before it's starts and while I have a few Ideas on what I am going to give a away, I would like to know what you would want...

Meaning, is there something that you would like..a book or information guide on Eating or Exercise at the beach or Weight Loss or what ever it is..I want to know

This year what I give away is going to be based on what YOU want...So that you can take advantage of it...

So how will you tell me?

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Post your suggestion under comments, that easy.


Mary Susan said...

I love the ideas that you all shared last year for the "12 Days of Fitness". What I would personally love to see more of is:
1. Anything about healthy foods that are good for you and fun! Variety is the spice of life after all and we need good fuel foods ro keep us movin'!!
2. How can I stay motivated to excersice even in the cold weather? I am a professional that is on the go constantly but, I have the motabilism of a slow poke. I love to run, walk, bike, hike whatever but, want some encouragement! Please send some encouragement!!

Thanks for all of your advice last year and I am looking forward to more this season!!

MS :)

Unknown said...

I would like cutting edge info on low carb dieting.

loraaa said...

hey, there!
that's great!
I would like to know:

1. the long-term pros & cons of the low-carb low-fat diets (I mean something like the really popular these days Peter Dukan, whatever the spelling of his name);

2. how to get rid of belly fat and the so called "love handles" when diagnosed with PCOS, on the pill for 3-4 years and not having fat anywhere else?

3. what is a really health and balanced diet which does not make you crave for junk food? does it include fruits? and what's wrong with fruits after all? and what about full-corn bread? in a nutshell: I need the most appropriate combination of carbs-fats-proteins in a percentage proportion.

Thanks a lot !!!!
I am looking fwd to the 12 days of fitness :)

Rafael said...

Low Carb dieting seems to be a popular theme..Ok

Anonymous said...

1. Something all inclusive for the extremely busy person to use and help stay on track. From Sunday to Saturday for a week or more (which is then repeatable).
A week's worth of shopping lists crossed to recipes (so days become interchangeable); ideas for in-between snacks, and ideas for 10 minute workouts - depending on the time of day
2. A backup plan for when the above fails to happen - i.e. I missed all my snacks and meals from 1pm on. Now it is 8pm, I just got home, and I'm starving.

This is the reality that we need help with.

KrisR said...

How about plateau information - not only how to break a plateau but how to survive a plateau/stall. Maybe delve into the mental/emotional side of it?

Or, even slow weight loss. Some of us, those of us that are older especially, really struggle with slow weight loss and it can get very frustrating.

I'm interested in the low carb also.

Unknown said...

What I am looking for may be too much to ask: a program that lets me work out for a fairly short time in the evening after work when I am really tired out and demotivated, that will allow me to lose weight (especially my belly and love handles!) and build muscle at the same time. I don't expect to be a Mr Universe, but at least not be ashamed to remove my shirt at the beach. Am I being unrealistic??

In particular, I like the idea of working with resistance bands.

Rafael Moret said...

No unrealistic and I am getting a better idea of what everyone wants..This si why this kind of things works...Send your friends to participate


loraaa said...

yes, slow weight loss also for people who have less than to 10 lbs to lose. and is it possible at all?

Unknown said...

Hi, My goal is to build lean muscle but I've taken the decision to eat vegetarian for 19 or so months now. I eat fish 2 to 3 times a week. But I'm having difficulty finding programs catering to a vegetarian diet. Could you suggest meal plans for me and others like me?


Johanna said...

I would love to see something on Myth vs. Fact addressing specific fitness and weight loss points...a trainer once told me carbs were not my that a Myth or a Fact?..(with the information to back it up). There is so much media hype out there that it is hard to know who to believe...I wish there was someone who knew EVERYTHING! and could sign off on it!

Johanna said...

It would be great to get suggestions on "good-for-you" snack ideas for those with a sweet-tooth! Sometimes I find myself in the middle of my workday craving sugar! A list of healthy alternatives that are still delicious would be best...we all know we are supposed to be eating fruits...but what if we want cake?

Rafael said...

Anonymous said...

It would be good if you could tell people how to lose those last couple of pounds around their waistline to get ripped six pack abs!!!!! And then start building some serious muscle because its really difficult!!!! PLEASE HELP!

Blogger said...

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