Wednesday, April 17, 2019

🛑DO YOU LOVE THE SCALE ❓ (look at these pictures)

Hey People

So many people that are working on a body transformation only use the scale to measure if they are progressing or not.

That's ok, everyone is entitled to measure progress any way they want.


Look at these 2 pictures 
On the left (last year)
Lais  was 10 weeks out from the wbff Orlando show and on the right (this year) she is 10 weeks out from the wbff Orlando 2019 in June

So while she looks better now, she is also heavier, yes she has gained "weight"....if the only tool we used to measure her progress was the scale we would be failing🧟

Now, some of you are going to say unmathematical things like muscle weighs more than fat...

But when was the last time you actually gave that some thought...

1lbs of muscle💪
1lbs of fat🥑
1lbs of cupcakes🎂
1lbs of water🥤
1lbs of flowers💐

All weigh 1 pound 💣
(#mindblown )

The TRUTH is that the way you look is not always a reflection of the scale going up or down...

Make sure you put some more thought into how you are reasoning that out...

If you are exercising consistently, eating supportive to your goals, sleeping and your body is changing... don't let the numbers on the scale dictate how you feel or if you are making progress

Sometimes just because you lost some "weight" doesn't mean you are doing the right thing.
I had a couple clients last week ask me if I could come up with some sort of Contest that would really help them get a fire under their butts to get in shape for Summer.
Because you and I both know how easy it is to fall off your normal workout routine over winter when we are all covered up and not showing any of our body.
But Summer is almost here and that means BBQ, pools, the beach, and other fun activities that involve you wearing LESS clothes!
It’s time to STOP being embarrassed wearing that bikini you have been avoiding or being embarrassed about your appearance in general.
Let us help you with your frustrations and finally shed that extra winter FLUFF so you can get tight, toned, and lean BEFORE Summer is in full effect!
Take back control of your body & reboot your metabolism with our “Sexy Summer Showdown” program.

Let me explain…
  • This is a 42 day program
  • Over the 42 days you will be challenged to complete our accountability portion by completing all items below:
    • Do 6 weekly Facebook check-in’s
    • Do 6 weekly food prep pictures
    • Do 6 weekly weigh-ins/ body comp check-in’s
    • Do 4 accountability calls with coach

Now depending on what kind of Summer Goals you may have, now is a GREAT time to get a jump start on your summer body if you have not been working on it or it's time to dial in and get LASER focused

Set a Goal, The Target Time is 42 Days...The Result is You get to show off all the hard work all summer

Pretty cool right?
We are doing this because we want to see you finally succeed with your goals and we know if we can get you these results, you will want to stay on with us after the 42 days to continue to look even better!!!
So if you’re interested in joining, just reply back to this email and let me know or call/text me at 754-244-9102.
See you soon!
Coach Rafael

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