Tuesday, October 24, 2017



N.O. AND WEIGHT LOSS ---This is from Dr Abbas Qutab's book
Within the cells of your body are the tiny mitochondria, the sites where food and oxygen is miraculously turned into energy for you. These microscopic parts of cells are actually major powerhouses. In addition to generating almost all of the energy you use, and controlling your cellular metabolism, the mitochondria are where all your fat is burned- both dietary fat and stored fat. Research suggests that nitric oxide not only stimulates the creation of new mitochondria13, but also may make each individual mitochondrion larger, which helps them to burn even more fat and therefore, could help you to lose weight. 

Many of my patients and the people who come to hear my lectures on the effects and benefits of nitric oxide have told me about the weight they have lost on the proprietary blend of Noni extracts. Many of them were taking it for other complaints, but noticed the weight loss as a side bonus! 
Beverly Morrison, one of my patients in my clinic in Massachusetts, had been trying for years to lose some weight, but could never get it off, or keep it off. She wrote of her experience: “After a five-year struggle with excess weight I lost 15 pounds in 60 days. I decided to have a mini-body cleanse supervised by Dr. Abbas Qutab, followed by a daily regimen of a nitric oxide supplement (the proprietary blend of Noni extracts). I took two droppers full three times a day. The mini cleanse provided the metabolic boost that my system needed and the nitric oxide gave me the sustained energy to increase physical activity. Months later, I am delighted that I have kept the weight off and exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.”

It's not made up...Just Science....

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Nitro helps your body produce more Nitric Oxide, Nitric Oxide repairs, defends, and maintains every cell of the body. Benefits of Nitric Oxide also include increasing energy, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation​​​​​​​

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