Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey South Fl Bootcampers you don't want to miss this

Here we are and it's Thursday...pre weekend time

Now I know sometimes I get excited and when I send emails...I start talking about metabolic-boom boom rapido-fasto burno stuff that sounds like ALIEN talk...

Sorry....yesterday I sent a long email breaking down the day to day break down of the new 36 day program...and it had a lot of information...maybe to much

But if you want to read it, find out how much the new program is and when it starts...I have all of that here:

Now these emails go out so I can help I need to communicate...I found some cool info for you...look:

Now I here some people sometimes say Coaching is to expensive or Bootcamp is to much $$

Pizza is to much People

You know what is to much?

Paying $500 a year for a cheap gym membership that you only use 3x per year...

Yeap that $39 bucks the gym bills you for adds up...

And the Awesome Friday or Saturday night out on the town...and Football Sunday...that you say I only do once a giving you a small 3-5 extra lbs...yes that makes sense...NOT!

Oh you don't believe me....

How about we get some of the people you might believe:

Kim Kardashian arrives at a gym in Sherman Oaks for a boot camp workout that we have that out

Again, you want real deal info...I have some here:

Either way....see you at Bootcamp

The Boot Camp Rebel

PS...tonight's closer is the Super 6
We will perform a circuit 3 times, resting for 6 seconds
between circuits. 6 seconds of rest? Seriously?  Yes, seriously.


PPS...Are you ready for our NEXT ADVENTURE WORKOUT....Hill training Saturday October's coming


Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt 


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