Sunday, October 28, 2012

The BEST Gift EVER!!

Very Excited today and Very Focused!
Here we are Sunday afternoon...prep time for the week
Sorry, this week I have been a little disconnected, recovering from last weeks trip mentally.
so, back to Very Excited today and Very Focused!
If we have talked this week in class you know I took this week off from working out, you may have even heard me complain about my joints hurting, and now my back aching in the last few days.
Lots of wear and tear people, the last few weeks I was doing lots of powerlifting and eating alot
With lots of food and heavy training comes more muscle and more weight and that starts to hurt carrying all that around. 
and now today as I prep to go workout and as I prep to get ready for the week of eating and training....
I also had to look and re-evaluate at what I was training for
Just like I tell you guys to set Goals, Plan and Prep...I have to do the same
if not, what are you training for?
When there is NO plan I also start to feel sluggish, tired and un motivated...just like you guys sometimes. My eating is all over the place and I get moody
So today as I was assessing my next set of goals, I started looking at the day and what I would want to accomplish and realized Christmas is about 8 weeks away.
AWESOME!! This is a lot of time...60+ days 
And what better gift than to wake up Christmas morning...leaner, faster, stronger, with more energy and endurance than I have had all year.
WOW...who the heck wants and iPad or new TV?
Then of course you need shorter term goals...30 days from now..Thanksgiving! 
So I can go all in for 30 days, train hard, eat great and assess my progress in 30 Days and it will be Thanksgiving ... that means TREATS!!!
I like planning and prepping :-)
Next I have to enlist help...A Coach...someone who would not take it easy on me and someone who would know their stuff
YES! This guys would be the one to kick my A$$!!
I know you know that's wore this last night at the DBA Halloween party.
I know the program I design for you guys much so that it is what I will use on myself.
I have PROOF it of course I will use it on me..
Now I ask you
What BETTER Gift during the Holidays (which ever one you celebrate) than to wake up 8 weeks from now a BETTER YOU
I mean you can't even price this...I mean you may want an iPad that will be outdated in 2 months for $500, i new fancy TV that will be outdated in 2 months for $2,000...some of you contemplate surgeries and procedures as a GIFT...
But is that really "healthy"? Does it really give you ALL the Results you want? Does it REALLY make you FEEL the way you want to feel?
So I have an interesting idea....
Maybe you like me would like to wake up Christmas morning in a new body...a new shell...a NEW YOU
Maybe you know that some intense coaching...Rated "R" coaching...will get you there.
Maybe You want to feel AWESOME more than you want another TV or iPad
Maybe I make an offer for you with and EXCELLENT purpose and and EXCELLENT outcome
Maybe I send it to you tomorrow (look for it)
Just remember "Excellence Has It's Cost"
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday People and get ready for Bootcamp this week
The Boot Camp Rebel
The HILL was postponed for this Saturday November 3rd at 8am because of the rain
If you wanted to come but didn't register or couldn't come because you had is your chance
$25 gets you in and this is open to everyone



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