Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11 and more fitness results

Hi Everyone,

It's Saturday September 11th... and while the tragedy that happened 9 years ago affected all of us, many of you don't know I remember the day so clearly.

For many reasons, at the time I lived in Jersey City NJ, right across the Hudson River..My little one was not born yet but was on her way, as a matter of fact we had an OB/GYN appointment that day and I had a ton of sessions scheduled...I remember turning on the TV and watching the fire a thinking "Wow some A**hole crashed into the Twin Towers again! So I stepped outside of my apt. where I could see the towers..and thought man people should really be more careful...and just like that I saw the other plane crash in..WOW, it's still so vivid in my mind..I could see the people jumping from my apt balcony...more than that..I used to work at the WTC for "The Fitness Co." which managed the gym inside the World Trade Center..I used to take that train every morning when I was in college because at one point I worked at the GNC that was just a block away..

I went to Work that day, because still at this point no one realized what was going on...and of course ran home as soon as word spread of the attack. But I also remember the togetherness the we experienced in that area..everyone was a bit nicer, a bit more patient, and even started to realize that you should take care of yourself all the time...NOT just when your dress or pants don;t fit or if you need to get into a New pair. But at the gym I managed we had a BIG increase in memberships..people who were in the rush rush took time to do something that would benefit them...not just a quick fix once again...

I have some many options to help people get in shape...and it's because I try to accommodate every one's needs. I have been collecting some before and after pictures from some of the people using my products...

1. Sandy Durfee, Age 47
Lost 10 pounds, 4 inches in waist and 3 inches in hips

“Even though I had always enjoyed exercise and made it a priority in my life, my weight had continued to be an issue. It seemed that over the years I gained weight, not just from the birth of each of my children, but also from my poor eating habits. I began to dread my doctor visits as each time I was warned that I was at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. My doctor kept telling me that it didn’t matter how I lose weight, as long as I take it off. This only scared me into unhealthy bouts of dieting. I tried Atkins, Trim Spa and other diets pills and juice diets but after each not only was I heavier, I also felt worse! I had no energy, I hated the way I looked and I was depressed. My life was no longer mine to control.

I had a new grandbaby and I so desperately wanted to play an active role in her life. I finally decided something needed to change but I was unaware of what to do. I enrolled in the 14 Day Fat Flush and I was on my way. I learned everything from how my body works and what I need to eat to be strong and healthy. The best part....It was surprising easy! I am never hungry and I eat more now than I have in years! I now understand why Ii gain weight if I deprive my body of what it needs. I enjoy my life and feel in control. I feel great and look wonderful. Thank You for saving me!”


The Meal PLan and Workout Program for 14 Days is $157

You do NOT need to come to my Bootcamp...I will email you the meal plan and's yours to keep forever

2. Larry Singleton
Lost 24 pounds and 5% Body Fat


Got my meals and Workouts delivered right on my phone

3. Melanie Coleman, Age 19
Lost 25 pounds and 5% Body Fat

“Diets were never my thing. I’d go on one, get hungry and give up, pig out, and then gain more weight than I lost. It was hard to get motivated while my skinny friends could eat whatever they wanted and not gain a pound. Nevertheless, I knew I had gained so much weight over a year that I had to keep trying.

When I first started Maximize Your Metabolism and BOOTCAMP ( ) I was reluctant, because I loved my sweets and Fazoli’s was almost an every day thing. However, I was relieved to find out that I could create menus according to what I liked (minus the processed and junk food) and I would get to eat six meals a day. I liked the healthy food I was eating and I felt good about myself after I ate it.

Doubt surfaced again when I wasn’t losing as much weight as I thought I would. I thought that all diets are supposed to work fast. Then, my fitness coach reminded me that this wasn’t a diet I was on, it was a lifestyle... a permanent change. The difference is that after the Maximize Your Metabolism, I’ll keep the weight off and keep it off by making helping choices (opposed to starving myself).

There’s no healthy short cut to losing weight. After my metabolism and my body adjusted to the drastic change, the pounds and inches melted off. My self-confidence progressed and that forced me to keep going.
I’m not sure I could have ever pushed myself to the extent that I did without the help of my Fitness Professional. Twenty-five pounds lighter.... I feel thinner, happier, and healthier. With the exception of a few Hershey kisses now and then I don’t even miss my old eating habits. I’d take wheat thins over Pringles any day.”

Bootcamp Works!
The Meals and workout helped me keep it off when I moved out of town:

"Thanks to everyone for their pictures, it really helps to see when people just like you are getting results!!!"

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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