Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Results don't lie

3 Weeks ago I said I would be testing my 14 day Fat Flush on my girlfriend...

Why? because I think your Body can change in 14 days and She had The MOST IMPORTANT Event of the Year.

So she need results quick and I knew I could Help..

You see she is a Professional Bellydancer and Instructor, and This weekend was the Miami Bellydance Convention..so to her this means 1 THING..she needed to be in the BEST Shape..

Why? #1 she is the host, #2 she would be teaching in front of hundreds, and #3 she would be wearing an AWESOME costume in front of Thousands of people.

So here are the RESULTS:

Now if you would like to get your hands on the Same 14 day Program she used I am re releasing the program Just the Meal Plan will be $97

The Meal PLan and Workout Program for 14 Days is $157

You do NOT need to come to my Bootcamp...I will email you the meal plan and workout..it's yours to keep forever

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