Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fruit or Candy

Question of the WEEK?

Does the sugar in fruit affect the body the same way sugar in candy does? Is eating fruit counterproductive to obtaining low levels of body fat?

The relationship between fruit and fat has been a source of debate for a very long time. Although you should never compare fruit to a candy bar, the type of simple carbohydrate abundant in fruit (fructose) has the unique biochemical property of only being capable of replenishing liver glycogen, so any surplus is not available for your muscles to use and is more readily converted to fatty acid. Yet, whole fruits remain an important food category to include in your diet for optimum health, as they are a good source of vitamins, minerals enzymes, fiber, anti oxidants and other nutrients that protect you against disease . If you are looking to drop your body fat , you need to limit your sugar intake and that include fruit. If you want health and wellness than you need to feed your body "of the earth"...What are your health and fitness goals?

Either way...You need to move more and eat better...Move and Be Fit!

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