Sunday, February 15, 2009

What it takes to lose a pound

What It Takes to Lose a Pound
Diet and Weight Loss Tutorial
Unit of Weight
Approximate Calories
Approximate Kilojoules
A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if you have a calorie deficit of 500 calories (meaning that you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day) you would lose approximately one pound per week:
500 x 7 = 3,500

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When you wake up each morning you have 2 choices:
You can choose to be in a good mood or
You can choose to be in a bad mood
Each time something bad happens:
You can choose to be a victim or
You can choose to learn from it
Life is about choices, when you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice.
You choose how you react to situations
You choose how people affect your mood
You choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood
The bottom line: It's your choice how you live your life"

Fitness is a choice, sometimes it's not the easiest to choose.

If you have made a bad choice by going through a drive thru in one of the National chains, then make a better bad choice....

If you have made the bad choice of skipping a meal, make a better bad choice in your next meal and over indulge...

If you have made the bad choice of over indulging, don't worry you can choose to burn it off later.

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