Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Weird Experiment and March 2nd

Well Well

The Next 4 week Boot Camp Starts MARCH 2nd...Yes that's This Monday...Have you enrolled?

You can do it here:

Now, My experiment...All month I have Been trying New and Different Exercise Combinations

New Times
New Exercise
Different Circuits
New Stations

and My Theory is almost Complete...We still have 2 days Left in Boot Camp this month for me to try out some New things

Why am I doing this...???

Simple Just like The Body Changes because of it's need to adapt, I want to keep challenging it in new ways so that it keeps CHANGING...Yes I know Everyday at Boot Camp is different, but I wanted to make sure that always remains the same...This month alone has given me Months of New Workouts to come...

So for all of those wondering or thinking that Boot Camp is Just some weird guy yelling and making you run around...that's NOT what we do...The exercises have purpose, the workouts have been thought through..The Outcome= RESULTS!

Boot Camp Starts Monday March 2nd
Join here:

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