Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Only 2 Spots Left

Introducing A Whole New Way To Lose 10 or More Pounds in 10 days OR Less Without Starving Yourself
Dear Friends

Thank you for reading our blogs and newsletters. As a valued customer, I just wanted to write and give advanced notice of a fabulous new service we’re getting ready to offer for the second time.

Now you can also get a JUMP start on your fitness program by the same people the came up with TCT and The Miami Fitness Boot Camp. But this isn’t just any weight loss program. You can actually lose 10 or more pounds in the first 10 days.

And the results are absolutely amazing!

But the best part is that you don't have to come to South Florida to get it...
This revolutionary new service uses Detoxification and Calorie Manipulation to save you money and produce incredible results with buying a plane ticket to Miami.

So if you have started a fitness or weight loss program and the weight just isn't coming off fast enough - we can help. What’s more, since you are one of our best customers I’d to make you a special offer.

Here’s the deal: When I looked at the enrollments yesterday I thought we had 5 spots left...We only have 2...but...

Some of the questions I'm getting back are, why is it $175 for 10 Days..

Well when was the last time you lost 10lbs in 10 days and kept it off?

Well that's why this time I added the 12 days AFTER menu...

So that means you will get 22 days of pre planned Fat Burning and Weight Loss Meals..

That's less than $8 a day....Most people are now paying $125 an hour to have a private consultation with me...

This program is Tested and Guaranteed to work if you follow it step by step...

2 Spots Left and This is First Come First Serve...

Click Here To Enroll NOW!!!

Your 10 Day Weight Loss Coach

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