Monday, September 24, 2007

99 Days Left

Yes, it's true.

As of tomorrow, Tuesday 9/25 there'll be just 99 days left of 2007 and you'll be
getting ready for another New Year's Eve party where the main
topics of conversation will be:
a) "Where the hell did 2007 go?"
b) "Next year I'll DEFINITELY....[Insert usual New Years Resolution
Here is a new thought:
"ho 'oponopono"
'I'm sorry' and 'I love you', I forgive you
Live a Zero Limits Life
Well, before you go getting all defeatist and thinking that with
just 99 days to go your chances of achieving anything major in
2007 have passed you by, I wanted to remind you that 99 days is
plenty enough to do something major with regards to changing your bodyshape, losing fat and getting really fit.
In fact, it's more than enough!
For instance, what would happen if for the next 99 days you committed to cleaning up your diet and losing just 1 pound a week?
A 13lb weight loss, that's what!
Imagine if you could sustain 2lbs or even three!
What if you committed to exercising every single day for just 20 minutes? or 45 minutes 3 times per week at Boot Camp

You got it! You'd be firmer, leaner, more toned and a good bit stronger than you are now wouldn't you?.
What would happen if every day until New Year you made it your
business to drink more water, get to sleep earlier and look after yourself just a little bit better?
Get a Metabolism Makeover

Yes, you'd hardly recognise yourself.
The thing is, with a hundred days to go, there are
still an enormous amount of things you can do to end 2007 in a
better condition than you currently are. All you've got to do is
take action.
And I don't just mean with your diet and exercise either...
What about your other goals?
Your travel goals?
Your carreer goals?
Your relationships?
Your finances?

Over the last hundred days many of my clients have gone on to completely change not only their health, their fitness and their appearance, but a great chunk of their lives too!.
But, the thing is, they're no better than you.
They don't have more time in their day than you've got in yours.
They don't have any kind of special advantage or success secret that
works only for them.
You've got it just as much as they have.
It's called action potential. The potential to take action.
But will you?
Only you can answer that but bear in mind that the next 99 days
are going to pass anyway, regardless of the action that you take
(or don't) and, just like any other investment, how you spend that
time will determine the results that manifest in your life.
So invest wisely.
Start today and make the next 99 days the most productive days of
"ho 'oponopono"
'I'm sorry' and 'I love you', I forgive you
Live a Zero Limits Life

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