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How Many Transformations Do You Need To See?


Hello Everyone, Happy Friday


How Many Transformations Do You Need To See?

It's an interesting question, right?


I've asked myself a few times...I remember a few years ago at our other gym, someone walked in one day and after looking at some of our Before and After pictures on the wall...said "if you had a few more pictures that I could connect with I would definitely join your program"




I have never really done a great job at collecting Testimonials, or collecting Transformation pictures...not the reason I do what I do, or the reason I started. But I realize the power of the Before and After we started collecting more


All different kinds of people, all ages, all kinds of results to showcase


We have built a pretty decent size wall of transformations at our gym, so that when someone walks in, it's the 1st things they see and for the people that come every day it's a reminder the last 3 months since we opened I have been asked numerous times if all those pictures are real...


The other day I laughed, because someone asked that, "are those pictures fake?" and Coach Juan was standing next to his Transformation, Lais was standing next to hers, Coach Brianna was teaching and my picture was on the wall...the skepticism is real.


But I get it, I think...too much evidence also means you have to take some ownership of your actions and well that's a subject for another day, but not everyone likes that.


But...How Many Transformations Do You Need To See before you say...Yes, I'm ready to make some changes and this program clearly works


Occam's Razor, put simply, states: “the simplest solution is almost always the best.” It's a problem-solving principle arguing that simplicity is better than complexity. 


And in this case, I could argue that based on the evidence...the simplest solution is that our program can deliver these transformations


Look at the video I don't fill this email with pictures

NOW...Here is the OTHER side of this coin,

We have a much BIGGER Problem

Think about those stats for a second


Let's go back to Occam's Razor, put simply, states: “the simplest solution is almost always the best.” It's a problem-solving principle arguing that simplicity is better than complexity. 


All the thing people are doing are NOT working

The More Than 5 Million Books Sold are not helping

The "Diet" Industry is selling a lot of stuff that is also not working


And here I come with evidence that I have hand crafted...real solutions, with real people, that are sustainable...


Solutions that can help save those $27 billion dollars it's going to cost


Solutions that I am not selling for $72.6 billion*t at this point if they can sell stuff that doesn't work for $72 billion, what can we charge for the stuff that actually works?


Hold on to that for a second


Cause I got more, what about the restrictive eating? the cutting carbs? the fatsing?


You have to do all of those....right?


Well let me SHOW YOU what we do, but maybe you don't want to here it from me

"If you smoke or have diabetes, your risk of death goes up a lot. Your risk of death from having high cardio respiratory fitness goes down far more than the risk of death goes up from smoking and diabetes. Smoking or Diabetes will double or triple your risk of death depending on the time frame you are looking at. Having High Cardio Respiratory Fitness is a 5 FOLD REDUCTION IN ALL CAUSE MORTALITY...death of any kind. The are NO drugs with a 5X reduction in mortality. Now, when you layer in STRENGTH 💪 and Muscle Mass it's a 3 Fold Reduction in ALL cause mortality...when you compare high strength to low strength.




Again, I understand the skepticism...I mean the pictures can be fake, who knows if those are even Doctors.


But what if you heard it from the people 1st hand?


We have so many interviews with our clients on Youtube for our podcast Lais and The Coach....but here are some highlights for you to listen to


Ok, but now what


I have shown you pictures, videos, interviews, evidence on evidence


and you are looking for Results.


But I know, I's NOT enough...right?


So, all week I have been telling you that we are changing the way we do Nutrition Coaching...and we are.


November 1st which is a Tuesday, the day after Halloween...I am launching a NEW Program...sort of.


I like doing things a little different, so it's more than a program. does this help you or what can you do?


1st this will be available you can do it from anywhere in the World and you can do it locally if you are in our area


2nd as you can see, I like evidence. So I would like to go through a test round.

I think this would be a great start to the New starting off 2023 with something like this will be awesome...but so will closing 2022. 


I would like to run a test round to collect more evidence and to help a few of you close out 2022 on fire!!!


This is the 1st time I am even mentioning this...and because I want to test this out, I will be offering a trial run for this 1st group at a discounted rate, and certainly won't be close to $72.6 billion dollars like the rest of the "diet" industry is doing


But STEP 1 is to see if you are even interested in getting results...


So I am collecting names of people interested here:

=>>Get on the I'm Interested List Here<<=


That's all I got today


Listen even if you are not interested, I hope some of this information helps you.


Results are there, and they don't require any non-sense


I wish you all a GREAT weekend


Coach Rafael



PS...before you start asking what I call "talk yourself out it" questions like how much? well not $72 billion, how long will it take? less time than any surgery or recovery from surgery? I don't have one has time for anything they don't want to do, and they also can't make excuses for no outcome schedule is pretty full, so I can't take on to many, so I have made this in a way that won't require to much time to implement


PPPS =>>Get on the I'm Interested List Here<<=


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