Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Do You Feel Like You Are Losing Motivation?


Hello Everyone it's Super Tuesday AKA Taco Tuesday!

I like to send this email out every so often, because I know how some of you might feel, I have felt the same way

Do you feel like you have lost some motivation or like you are losing momentum?
Maybe you are not sure why you just don't get started or maybe keep going once you do?

Here is the thing....the reason you feel that way is because you are not INSPIRED..


I hate to tell you but..."I want to lose weight" or "I want to start eating better"

are just not motivating goals...or certainly not motivating enough to keep focus through the End of The Year.


Neither are having the same goals you had when you started.

Guess why?


Because once you reach a milestone...you are now a different person, and that old goal...is just that, an old goal.


2 Days ago we recorded our podcast with New WBFF Wellness Pro Brianna ...and we talked about a few thing like staying motivated after competing 5 times, the mindset you need to keep getting better, budgeting for a competition and more

(*this episode is also on Spotify here <<=)

Lais and The Coach chat with WBFF WELLNESS PRO BRIANNA

Tony Robbins says "Goals are Dreams with Deadlines"


And that is what you need too!!
You are not skipping out on your workout because you are not motivated, or because you don't have time, or because of the kids, or the spouse. You are not skipping because you are tired or because of your health or because you have something better to do...
Those are all reasons you should go to workout and eat better but you don't.
You are skipping because you haven't really committed to the idea that YOU CAN...and you give yourself a pass too easily.
We are all humans that need activity for health and vitality, we all get the same 24 hours...too few of us make 1 of those hours the one where we get physical...
Now before I give you some solutions...and I have a few, let me give you some perspective
I have a unique take on "I CAN'T"
To me...I can't eat my food, or I can't go workout...means literally not being able to
like a physical impossibility 
If you can get up right now and do some squats and some jumping jacks, do 1 push up...You can...I can't means there is no physical way it's possible
Gillian Barre and CIDP can't stop you
So my challenge for you today is...DEFINE YOUR GOAL!!
Put a date to it...when do you want to get to that GOAL??
Is your current eating plan going to get you there??
Is your current workout plan going to get you there??
We have 88 Days until December 31st
So let's get to work
1st Need some Workout inspiration...
Well let's start with location...In Central Florida?
We opened our facility and have workout Monday thru Saturday morning and evening
Not in Central Florida? Did you know we offer our class from the gym LIVE on Zoom at 6:30 pm? Well what if we also offered it at 9am? Would that help you?
Logging in from home to join the workout live from the gym?
We offer a membership with access to that...what more info, reply to this email
GOALS...want to know what it takes to get ready for the stage?
Lais and I are hosting a FREE webinar on Tuesday October 18th
Here is the link for that event, so you can grab a spot
And here is Video #2 we made explaining it
So You Think You Want To Compete

NOW...if you really want to make a shift


I am a fan of "Being in The Room" 


Listening to a song and being at a live concert is not the same.

Watching Football, Soccer, Hockey or Basketball on TV and being at the game Live is not the same.


There is something about being in the room...the energy is unreal...it's a VIBE


Over the years I have attended so many events...and I still have so many to got to...But the ones that have made the most impact...have been the ones where I could Immerse myself in what I was doing
I've gone to UPW with Tony Robbins 3X's in New Jersey, in Ft Lauderdale and in Dallas...these were 4 Days (50 Hours)
Masterminds in Arizona and San Diego (3 Days Each)
Fitness Events in in Las Vegas and Connecticut 
One of the BEST Programs we have (in my opinion) is our IMMERSION
What is an IMMERSION?
 the act of immersing or the state of being immersed: such as. a : absorbing
Sometimes you need to get out of the environment you are in, not that it's bad, but it might be stagnant or still...and we need to grow.
Sometimes you need to really set time aside for you, and put more thought into what you are doing and where you are going
I think our 48 Hour IMMERSION does just that.
Imagine coming to spend 2 days with Lais and I and just focus on you.
Your training, your food, your goals, your life...without interruption.
Would something like that move you forward?
We have had so many group Immersions Weekends, and honestly we love it, but we don't have any weekends open for group Immersions for the rest of 2022.
But one of the things we have started doing is PRIVATE IMMERSIONS
Just for you... 
If you are interested in something like this, Lais and I have a few people already locked in to come spend 48 hours with us, but we will open up a few more spots because I believe in this so much.
If you want more info on dates and what exactly goes into it, just reply to this email...but if you have ever come to to any of our events, or workouts or anything we have hosted and left the event feeling better...100X that by going all in for 48 hours
AGAIN...88 Days till December 31st
Every Day counts
Every Meal counts
Every Rep counts
Count them All!!!
Imagine if you went all in for 88 Days?
Imagine if you went all in for 30 Day?
Imagine if you went all in for 7 days?
Imagine if you went all in today?
Depending on where you are in your journey right now, one of those is where you need to start....
I wish you all an AWESOME Tuesday!!

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