Thursday, May 23, 2019

Long Weekend Coming - Changes in Schedule and A HARD Summer

It's Thirsty Thursday
The1st Official weekend of the Summer....
Memorial Day and Memorial Day Weekend start tomorrow...
Did you have any goals for this weekend?
Did you hit them?
Well at The Workout we think long weekends area GREAT time to workout..
so this weekend we have workouts
tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm and 6pm
8am and 9am on Saturday
11am on Sunday
and on Monday Memorial Day we will have 1 workout at 10am
and as of tomorrow we are officially 4 Weeks from the 1st Day of Summer June you have goals for that day?
Do you have Goals for the 4th of July (that is in 42 Days)
What about all Summer....what would happen if you worked out all Summer?
How would you look and feel on Labor Day?
How would you look at feel for Halloween?
What kind of costume would you wear?
What kind of clothes would you wear during the holiday festivities if you hit it hard this Summer
Between the 1st Day of Summer, Friday June 21st and Labor Day Monday September 2nd there are 73 Days...
So we would need to begin on Wednesday June 19th....
Want to know what 75 HARD is...let me know...I'll be happy to tell you
(it's for Men and Woman)
That's All I got for you today
Coach Rafael

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