Friday, May 25, 2018

The New Way To Start A Transformation Challenge

Happy Friday…

Looks like we have storm coming this weekend, but don’t worry…our gym is made of concrete…we will be safe in there …

As you may or may not have heard this weekend is Memorial Day and we had originally planned on going out of town, but looks like the universe wants fitness to continue …so we will have Workouts all Weekend long..

5pm and 6pm Today

8am and 9am tomorrow

11am on Sunday

11am on Monday (Memorial Day)

Want to Bring a Friend This weekend?

Why Not…it’s a long weekend, it’s gonna be raining and lots of places are closed….

So, if you have someone you would like to punish…I mean empower though fitness…bring them on in for a workout this weekend.



I have said it several times…Memorial Day was the 1st goal date for the Summer, how much work did you put in since January…I know how much I did..and I hit my goal 1 week ahead of schedule…but that doesn’t help you…The Process I went through…the eating, the workouts, the consistency I went through…That doesn’t help you

Lais is also going through her own PROCESS…but her goals might not match yours, her journey, her commitment, her diet…that doesn’t help you either…

What can help YOU…is going through your OWN Process.

Over the last few weeks we have been working on something I think can change the way fitness and health is done.

And with July 4th being our next goal date…we started working on a new challenge to help everyone build some momentum and get some results…

But truthfully….That is just not enough for me..

I understand that this is a PROCESS and I understand that by the 4th of July you can get some great results, just not your ultimate result…but reaching a milestone goal like the one you can reach by the 4th is a MASSIVE momentum builder…and The Process to get their has to be built just for YOU…not some played out diet template…or saying some dumb sh*t like women need 1,200 calories and men need 1,800

But there is more to fitness than just losing weight. How do you feel? How are you performing? What’s your stress level like?

See all these things affect your results…so we need to address them.

They are also part of The Process.

So, with all of that in mind…I have created a New Program…a New Challenge…Called…


I have never offered anything like this in the past, but this will be how I structure transformation programs moving forward.

I will cover so much with this program, you will literally arrive like a NEW person to the 4th of July

Of, course I cover your weight, food, workouts, but I also cover mood, lifestyle when relevant to your goals.

Check out my Instagram story at mr_bootcamp for a glimpse of what the actual Process book looks like

Oh yes, you get a tangible guide…this is real deal Holyfield style.

We will have a few things to go with this program that only the participants will know about…

But let me tell you some of the things I can share…part of the challenge is to complete certain steps in The Process and of course they lead to your results and with these we will have weekly prizes and incentives but the end Prize for everyone who completes The Process, will be a Graduate Dinner with all of The Process Finishers PLUS Lais & Myself to celebrate this major Win

If any of these things sound good to you…Welcome aboard

If you have been stuck with some of your results for a while…Welcome aboard

If you have not been doing anything and this was what you were waiting for…Welcome aboard

If you are already on the path with us, then you know this is for you…Welcome aboard

Have questions…I’m sure…send them my Way

We start Tuesday May 29th

Oh wait….how much is it…?

Well…I have an idea of how much impact this will have on the way Fitness and health transformation programs are done…so I also understand the value this will bring to someone…

But for this 1st Graduating class…

We will have 2 Options

1 for members of our Bootcamp


1 for people that are not yet members or live out of town or maybe participate in another exercise program but would like to go through THE PROCESS

I don’t want to distract you with the price, that should not be the determining factor

We spend more $$$ on cell phones, purses and shoes than we do on our health…

But don’t worry…it’s not going to be cost prohibitive

So for all of you that want more info on how to sign up and lock in a spot

Just reply to this post…I will send you the details and if it works I will send you an electronic invoice to secure your spot

Happy Friday to all of YOU

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