Thursday, March 22, 2018



Are you confused about what to eat?

+'s like every week there is a new diet..​​​​​​​
And every marketing campaign comes with a bunch of promises.

I know it's confusing...but...we keep running into a problem

No matter how hard or intense the workouts are...if your eating is not will not get the best results...

These days I spend a lot of time explaining the pros and cons of so many diets...but I do this person to person..

It is a lot more effective to do this in a group...

So this Saturday at 10:15am...I will answers as many questions as I can about eating, dieting, counting calories and what ever else I can help with..

This is a FREE event, for members and non members of Bootcamp

The ONLY thing I ask is to come with questions ready and not to be defensive if the FACTS do not agree with myths, opinions and or un-truths you have heard.

What you are doing is working or it's not..period

It's ok to break up with your diet if it's not working

But for some reason, some of you just love to hold on to it...

I think it's just because you might not really have a clear understanding of all the things you can do and eat to get the results you want, so you just keep doing the same thing even if it's not working

So...with in the Goal setting and all the workouts..lets clear up some questions and lets do it this weekend.


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