Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Look What Eating RICE Did To All These People

People are so afraid of Rice...most people I talk to say it makes you gain weight...
Funny those same people..have cut rice out of their diet..and still haven't lost the weight they say rice makes them gain...
The United States actually consumes very little rice when compared to most countries, as a matter of fact it's not even in the top 10...
All over ASIA they consume RICE 4, 5 and 6 times per day...yet no obesity problem...

SO IF THEY EAT RICE 4,5 and 6 TIMES A DAY, I GUESS YOU COULD SAY THIS IS THE KEY TO NOT GAINING WEIGHT...Maybe even the secret to....well I won;t go that far

LISTEN...TRUTH IS...YOU NEED CALORIES...Rice, Pasta, Bread, Quinoa, Oats and Whole Wheat or Gluten Free Anything...are ALL CARBS...

You just need to know how much to eat....And I can help you with that...

I know we don't charge as much as a lapband surgery or liposuction or plastic surgery but we do charge a little something...and

I’m giving you the chance to WIN all your money back!

Yes our challenge costs money up front, but it’s up to you in how much of that money you WIN back.

That’s right, for every pound you lose, you win $10 dollars back. So no matter if you lose 20 pounds or 10 pounds. You walk away a winner.

Not only can you win ALL your money back, you will also receive:

·         6 Weeks of Fast but Effective training sessions in Hialeah/Miami Lakes
·         $10 dollars earned for every pound lost
·         We give you the attention you deserve
·         42 Day Metabolism Boosting food plan

So if you’re ready to win back some cash while reaching your New Year’s resolution weight lose goals, go ahead and click here to apply for one of our 20 spots.

See you soon,


Master Trainer Rafael, Head Coach

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