Sunday, January 7, 2018

6 Week Challenge Starts tomorrow (What are you planning) + The Supplements I recommended

We have a NEW week upon us...what does your food prep and planning look like 

So let's start with the schedule...
1. Sunday is also the BEST day to get your food prep done....
So let me ask you a few things

#1 Have you ordered your protein donuts  for this week?...if you have not seen some of the results I posted on Facebook, go take a look...everyone in our bootcamp, that is a Private coaching client, in my 4 or 6 week transformation is having donuts and had their bodyfat% drop every week...the proof is in the pudding ;-)

#2 Did you go grocery shopping? You can't food prep if you have no food...get your grocery shopping in today and get to cooking. Do you have your Supplements

Only Supplements I recommend are the Basics

A Multi Vitamin and Fish Oil are Strongly Recommended. Kyani Sunrise and Sunset are the ones I recommend and you can order them at   

Protein Powder…again not needed but a good option. Iso 100, Iso Pure, or any good quality whey

Pre Workout: Caffeine is best if needed and/ or Kyani Nitro Fx if you want a non-stimulant energy supplement and you can order them at 

#3 Do you have a meal plan to follow? If not...I can almost guarantee that your idea of "eating healthy" isn't tell me, or better tell your self...all that fruit and not eating rice or after 7pm is that working so far???
If you want a spot in our 6 week Transformation program, I can still get you in...


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