Friday, November 11, 2016

The 41 nutrients you need every day!

Hey Everyone, Rafael here with some questions?
Do you know what..
"*The 41 nutrients you need every day are

*Are you getting enough quality calories?

*The biggest difference between people who eat for performance vs. people who eat for health." 

So when ever I talk to someone about there eating, I always ask where they got there information...what I mean is...are you taking advice from a co-worker, a friend, your sister...her roommate in college that lost weight once drinking salted cucumber water for breakfast?

Are you following a nutrition program based on solid information, science or at least real data???

So...when I put together a meal plan here is what I base it on
You need 41 nutrients everyday
15 Vitamins
15 Minerals
8 Essential Amino Acids
2 Essential Fatty Acids
and oh yeah...Water (your body is kind of made of it)

I also think about how many calories YOU need (not me, YOU) there are a bunch of way to calculate calories...and a lot of different theories..all need to be looked at

I also think about your goals, the way you feel and your performance vs just the idea of eating healthy 

Now if I am thinking about all those things when I think about your food...YOU SHOULD TOO...

I think you should eat like you are trying to get a perfect score on your blood test, like you are ready to run an Olympic race, like are competing in a fitness event and like you want to live forever....

Not sure what that means or how to do that...that's what I'm here to help you with....In the mean time, I will suggest doing this right away...take the right kind of nutritional supplements because I guarantee you are not getting the nutrients you need from food alone


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