Sunday, August 22, 2010

Watch this BEllydancer get in shape

So I'm putting my Simple Meal Plan to the TEST!

A Real World in YOUR Face Test..

My Girlfriend Nathalie:

in 2 weeks she will be hosting the Miami Bellydance Convention... ( ) Over Labor day weekend Belly dancers from All over the world will be here in Miami for a weekend of workshops, competitions and shows...and she is the she needs to look her best!!

Now not even for a minute do I think she doesn't look her best now...but she wants to polish up...and lucky for her I specialize in quick results.

So I will be recording all of her workouts and posting them and she will be using my simple meal plan..

Right now I have 20 spots left here:

It's only $47...but guess what in 2 weeks when she is done with it and I re-release it to her almost 2 million youtube viewers and thousands of face books fans...the cost for guaranteed results will go up...

My tip grab one of the last 20 spots and use the same meal plan one of the BEST belly dancers on the planet uses.

I will be osting everything on this blog


Once again 20 spots left:

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