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World Cup workouts and Bootcamp


The World Cup is here...and I have to say...these Guys are some of the MOST in shape Guys on the planet.

Now here is an example of His Workout, but before you read it..

I have 2 Spots left in our Miami Lakes Boot Camp and a few in Pembroke Pines...

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Look at this from:
To get a body like Cristiano Ronaldo, you’re going to need to emulate his football workouts and account for the dynamic training style his career requires of him. The challenge is that most of us don’t have six hours a day to devote to our own Cristiano Ronaldo workout. Therefore, we need to strategically design this workout program in a way that is the most time-efficient, highly effective and well-rounded.

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout for a Ripped to Shreds Body:
Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Day 1:

—> Total body weight training, followed by 30-minutes of cardiovascular training (goals – to improve strength, explosiveness and cardiovascular conditioning, while maximizing post-workout calorie-burning)

—> Complete 5 sets of 5 reps (with 45-seconds rest in between sets) for the following exercises: weighted pull-ups, dumbbell chest press on stability ball, stiff-legged deadlifts, dumbbell front lunges, barbell hang cleans, barbell push-presses, standing calf raises, 1-arm kettlebell swings, dumbbell side lunges

—> After weight training, go immediately into cardio workout of a 30-minute treadmill run using rolling hills (various incline levels) and increasing speed slightly every 5-minutes. If you didn’t leave a pool of sweat on the treadmill, you weren’t going fast enough.

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Day 2:
—> 45-minute cardiovascular workout to improve endurance and raise lactate threshold.

—> Using treadmill or running outdoors, complete a 45-minute tempo run (a tempo run is where you’re going at an “uncomfortable” pace throughout the entire session)

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Day 3:

—> Circuit training and plyometrics to enhance muscular endurance, improve explosiveness and burn lots of body fat.

—> Complete 18 repetitions of the following exercises in circuit fashion (back-to-back, without rest): dumbbell front squats, decline push-ups (4-second lowering phase), 1-legged lying stability ball curls, bent over dumbbell rows, seated dumbbell shoulder presses, body weight dips

—> After 1 circuit, rest 60-seconds and repeat one more time, for a total of 2 circuits

—> When you finish your circuit training, perform 2 sets of 12 repetitions for the following plyometric exercises (taking only 30 seconds in between sets and exercises): box jumps, explosive push-ups (with clap), bounds for distance (standing still and with both feet together, jump explosively as far forward as possible, landing on both feet, pausing briefly and then repeating another bound), explosive burpees (with push-up at bottom and tuck jump at top)

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Day 4:

—> Rest or 20-minutes of sport activity at low to moderate intensity (nothing hard)

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Day 5:

—> Repeat Day 1 (try to improve weights and/or running speed and incline levels; after 6-8 weeks or plateau, use same exercises but switch to less weight and moderate reps, for example – 4 sets of 8 reps)

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Day 6:

—> Repeat Day 2 (again, shoot for slight improvements each workout)

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Day 7:
—> Repeat Day 3 (switch the order of your circuit training exercises and plyometrics, so that you’re always starting with a new movement)

Looks tough!!!

But again I have 2 Spots left in our Miami Lakes Boot Camp and a few in Pembroke Pines...

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