Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Daily diet text

Hi Everyone...

Well if you didn't get your workout and diet text of the day today...it was because my phone had just enough yesterday...and moved to a better place

But , no FEAR... I just a got a new one...so the daily workout tip and diet text are back on tomorrow..

I'm sending this to everyone, because it's just easier...but in case you didn't know..

In December we launched The DAILY Text...

Where everyday I send out a Text with a Workout you can perform anywhere and a quick diet tip...
But more importantly you get to text your Exercise and Eating questions anytime...

Have you ever been at the Drive thru and wanted to make the right choice?

Ever been at a restaurant and not sure which will mess up you diet less?

Well with this option, you can text your questions and get an answer ASAP..

We only took a few people on, but if you are interested it's just $27 per month..

And I send out The workout of the day Every morning at 9am and Diet tips and tricks...

If you are interested you can join here: THE DAILY TEXT

You are not locked in to anything...we bill automatically every month and you can cancel anythime

I stopped promoting because we have spent a lot of time on some other projects...but if you are on this program you know the text goes out every morning..

So again...if you didn't get it today, now you know why..and if you had any luch time questions (Alen and Jess...)

I'm back on!!!

Everyone else...if you are interested...join here=> THE DAILY TEXT ( and you can have your fitness coach on call)



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