Sunday, February 21, 2010

New workshops and New Service

Hi Everyone

Hope you're well, Nice weather today...hope its like that all week...

Well a few thigs today..

We will be having 2 Special Workshops coming up and a Whole NEW Service

#1 We will have an advanced Bootcamp class in March.. (Car pushing, Truck Tires, Sledhammers, Heavy Bags, Crazy circuits, HEAVY DUTY KETTLEBELLS...

It will most likely be on the 13th or the 20th...It will be a 2 hour class and limited to 7-8 people...The location is still TBA because we need to coordianate...the cost will be $47...

You can sign up now and it will be the first to enroll ONLY..I will have all the details this week...ALL I CAN SAY IS IT WILL BE INTENSE
==>Join Here<== #2 We will be having a SPECIAL CORE and Stretching Workshop... What's this? 45 minutes or Crazy Core (Abs, lower back..and more) a 15 minute break.. and Then 45 minutes of Stetching... This will be Someting else :) Also 7-8 people only..and also $47 It will be on a Saturday also TDA on the date And you can ==>Join here

LAST But Not Least...

This is a whole new service we are's COACH on CALL and it's for anyone interested..
What do you get???
One 30 minute Phone coaching session a week...we can go over your exercise routines, meal planning, goal setting...anything you like. (A $65 Value)
One Supermarket Tour per month, we will go grocery shopping with lables, show you what to pick and why...we take all the guess work out. (A $100 Value)
One Private Fitness Coaching session...we will come to your gym, your home, the get to train 1 on 1, you can ask questions about exercises, go through a workout,speed training, endurance training.. again anything fitness related you like.(A $125 Value)
3 weekly workouts emailed to you know what you have to do and not guess anymore...(A $75 Value)
A Sample 7 Day Meal Plan (A $75 Value)
Weekly checkin Calls just to see how you are doing and hold some accountability (A $65 Value)
All together you get $505 worth of Fitness Coaching...ALL FOR JUST $147

The Coach on Call is a monthly Program and you are free to cancel it anytime you wish..
We process you monthly payments automatically via creadit card...
Join Here

The COACH on Call program is for those interested in taking there fitness to a NEW more guessing or reading magazine, or listening to what new diet your friend is trying this month...
Join Here

You will have a Fitness coach on call, every week holding you accountable and guding you every step of the way.

*If you do not live in south Florida, we can alter the program for you, and let us know.

**If You would like to add 1 more 1 on 1 coaching session for just $50..
Join Here With 2 Coaching Sessions per Month

Any Questions...let me know..

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