Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are you losing Motivation?


Sometimes we all lose a little bit of Motivation to exercise...but what I find interesting is HOW can you lose motivation to take care of yourself?

At the end of the day, if you exercise for weight loss, fat loss, strength, whatever the's for you...why do you let stuff get in the way...We all unconsciously know that exercise is good for us. It is fair to say that everyone wants to be healthy. At the same time, it is probably equally fair to say that most of us are not exercising enough..

I have plenty of options on our Superbowl Sale page to get you started:

But I have a lot more reaons than just That...30 Reasons...take a look here:

New Brain Cell Developement
Cognitive and mental function enhancement
Prevention of Cardiovascular disease
Cholesterol lowering effect
Prevention and control of type 2 diabetes
Blood pressure lowering
Prevention of neoplastic (cancer) diseases
Reduced risk of stroke
Weight control
Muscle strength
Attractive body
Bone strength
Strong immune system
Better night sleep
Better sex life
Back pain remedy
Stress managment
Alternative to antidepressants
Gastrointestinal tract benefits
Alternative to hormone replacement
More confidence
To relieve hypertension.
To balance metabolism.
To help lose inches.
To improve your posture and general appearance.
To eliminate chronic fatigue.
To make you more cheerful.
To decrease LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol.
To increase flexibility.

Again We have Options for you to get sarted on a program with us here:

But thats not it...It's your Body, it's your health...take care of it

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