Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is your belly fat staring back at you?

Admit it, you waited. And now your belly fat is staring back
at you, every time you step on the scale to see if you
gained the dreaded holiday pounds.

** Make sure you read to the end for a special surprise. **

It's OK. We're not here to hold your hand. We're just
here to teach you how to change your life - your health -
shed unwanted body fat. 2010 can be YOUR year!!
Now, for weeks, you heard me talk about this. You can't
say you weren't "warned" about the typical holiday pounds.
"I told you so" never works. So I won't say it.
Instead, I have developed the most
advanced fat loss plan in South Florida. We don't use
that term loosely, As a Fitness professionals, we're not going to blow smoke
up your back side.

You can join anyone of our South Florida boot Camp Locations
and workout outside for 45 minute 3 times per week and

NOT have to do anything else.

Join Here
I Thought it should be called "When you waited until January
1st 2010 and want to make up for the unwanted belly fat and
too many holiday cookies" program. Do you Think it will fly?
Honestly, 3 times per week for 45 minutes???

Who else can promise that.
If you want to continue to haphazardly try to diet, be our
guest. Like we said, though, our job is to put this
information in front of you and make you aware of what's
available. It is worth checking out if you are tired of
your workout that doesn't target body fat reduction.
Commit to Bootcamp and Join for $175 for every 4 weeks you are at Camp.

You don't need to RENEW ever, you enroll and automatically get billed every month.

You can cancel anytime you want, or as soon as your body stops changing.
2010 Camps start January 4th...Join now and Save...Regular price is $249

Join here for $175
Happy Holidays!

Yours in health,

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt
http://www. SouthFloridaFitnessBootCamp. com

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