Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Salsa Dancing and 12 Days of Fitness

Hi Everyone
I have some exciting NEWS Today...


We're just 7 days out from the start
of this Year's
and boy, have we been puting together
a bunch of great FREE gifts for you!

There are well over a hundred exercise
programs, diets, nutrition plans, videos,
audios, reports and tons more getting lined
up to hit your inbox from 10th December...

...and all of it is FREE. It won't cost you
a single penny!

All of the contributors (myself included)
are really looking forward to sharing
their gifts with you ,but we really need your help
to make this work.

First, we need you to get on over to right
away and update your details into the
form we've set up over there. This will
make sure you don't miss out on the gifts
as we release them on the tenth.

Second, we need you to tell everyone
you know about the gift-giving. You see,
we want this to be big. No, HUGE, and
the only way to accomplish that is to get
the word out through everyone who
we know.

That means you too!

You don't have to do much ,just send your family, friends and colleagues
on over to
to get their own gifts and we'll do the rest.

Can you help?

I hope so, we really want this to help as
many people as possible.

Thanks in advance!


My buddy Christian just opened his second Casa Salsa location in Weston,Fl

Now for all of you that read my blog and get my newsletters, you know I am a huge endorser of finding fitness outside of the gym...well not only is Salsa the coolest dance ever, you burn 400-500 calories an hour dancing..OH YEAH..

So if you live in South Florida go check it out at:
140 Weston Rd
Weston Fl 33326 or

Speak soon!


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