Wednesday, May 31, 2023

We Are Back and We have a NEW Video!


Hello Everyone!!

And We Are Back!!.

Actually we got back Sunday...but I was waiting for BAM Multi Media ( to finish our videos.


We recapped the last week of training and preparation for the show & trip and everything leading to the show...then the show weekend recap


Better than Netflix.


Check out both videos below and get ready for the next adventure


This was by far one of the best show weekend experiences

And one of the reasons for that was the entire process was about Lais making the improvements she wanted on her terms.

We surpassed what we wanted, we didn't do anything we normally don't do and this way ensure the outcome was permanent.


Ultimately that is what we all should focus on, clarity in the results we want...fitting them into our life...doing it in a sustainable way...and then doing the work


As we wrap up May and head into June tomorrow...what goals did you have for May? did you reach them? what goals do you have for June? for the Summer? for the 2nd half of 2023?


Your goals should be like putting an address on a GPS, and the work you do daily should be like following the directions the GPS gives you....or at least that is the way we do it for the people we work with.


If you are interested and curious about how we can help...I will be opening a few spots in June...reach out for more info, reply to this email, text DM....there are so many ways.


Wish you all a Great end of May and Cheers to a new Month


Coach Rafael


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