Sunday, November 24, 2019


Thank God It's Friday!!!

Hey Everyone....I know a lot of you already have lights up and your tress decorated but for me Thanksgiving is usually the kick off to the Holidays
And with the Holidays come changes in are out of school, it's dark outside ;-) , some people go on vacation and some people just shut it down for the rest of the year
We don't...We keep crakin!!
Lais will be competing in Atlantic City in 2 Weeks on December 7th so none of the fancy mac and cheese next week...or maybe yes...let's see what her Coach says ;-)
Today we have workouts at 5pm and 6pm
Tomorrow at 8am and 9am
Sunday at 11am
Monday thru Wednesday regular schedule
Thanksgiving will be our annual Thanksgiving Day Family Style Workout at 10am
and then Black Friday we will have both classes at 5pm and 6pm
and then we are back to normal....Until Friday December 6th..we leave for New Jersey and then we are back on the 12th and will be ready for Workouts on the 12th at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm
Re read the schedule...if you are not sure, just many times we have made a small change to the schedule and you can't imagine how many times someone has said..."Oh, but I thought......" 
Don't skip days...Stay Focused on your Goal
December is right there and we will have an AMAZING end of 2019 to what has been an AMAZING year!!
FitranX and the 1st "So You Think You Want to Compete" get together/meeting of the 2020 season
Speaking of that...I know I have not talked alot about it...but we have been working on some projects behind the is a little video that is part of a bigger project we are working on...take a look
Happy Friday to all of you...Send any questions my way
Coach Rafael

(Miami Lakes/Hialeah Bootcamp)
(Miami Lakes/Hialeah Workout)

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