Sunday, February 12, 2017

MIAMI LAKES FITNESS BOOTCAMP 1000 Calorie Challenge Workout

Holidays are over and New Year Resolutions are life starts for real here in Miami Lakes...Spring is coming, Summer is coming and so are vacations

Here is the TRUTH

You're busy with....

Cleaning up
Cleaning the house
Dropping off from practice
Picking up from practice
Dirty Laundry
Folding clean laundry
Take the dog out
And now you have a pile of other stuff on top of your
normal hectic schedule.
Oh, and eat. Almost forgot about that, might as well grab something with some carbs in it because carbs give you energy, right? You remember reading that somewhere…
The list could go on for pages, but this is what a lot of busy moms and dads and business owners and just honestly....everyone, have to do for every other person in the household. Not that this comes as a surprise to any of them, because this is their daily routine.
But as time passes, and kids grow up, jobs change and life happens, the years leave their mark on a busy people's bodies. A little extra on top of the jeans, a little big hanging out in front, things that used to be tight, just wobble a little more than they should. 
But what can a busy person do about it? Your time is never their own. And forget about unrealistic gym hours. Why pay for a membership when you can never make it during the week because your schedule doesn’t allow it or even our bootcamp in Miami Lakes..with all the classes we have..they still might not work
Well, that is exactly why we are presenting the 10:00am (you guessed it) Weekend Fat Blasting 1000 Calorie Fat Loss program.
Saturday and Sunday morning at 10:00am, we are going to help you burn 1000 calories on each day of the weekend, and help you lose a dress size or a pant size. 
Each workout will be tough, but structured to get the most out of you in the least amount of time. 
Best of all, we’ll be doing it on weekend mornings, before you need to get your kids ready, or run errands, or go to church and so it doesn’t take time away from your already packed day of activities and whatever else you do. 
Now you don’t have to choose between your family and your health. You can have both, and join other motivated busy moms and dads and business owners and just everyone like yourself to kick some butt and get their own butts back into shape.
We will be starting this as part of all the NEW things coming to our NEW location in Miami if you are interested in something like this...a weekend membership that will burn 1,000 calories Saturday and 1,000 calories on Sunday...let me know

For everyone else...waiting...let me repeat...the time will pass anyway...workout or no workout, diet or no diet...workout with us or not...the time will pass...Summer will be here, beach time, shorts and tank tops....don't wait

You can see them here
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