Sunday, August 28, 2016

28 Day Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people have inquired about our next Beginner Bootcamp and 28 Day Challenge

What is the 28-Day Challenge? 
The Beginner Bootcamp is something that goes along with our system of fitness progression, the workouts last 45 minutes and include a full body workout, and a different one every time you come to class, so your body doesn't get used to it and you don't get bored.

What is included?
* 28 Days Nutritional Plan
* 3-4 Forty-Five Minute Group Training Sessions / Week
* Access to Private Facebook Weight loss Support Group
* Weekly Weigh-in for Accountability
* Before/After Pics and Body Measurements
* Group Setting Geared Towards Beginners

Do you have to come everyday and/or do you have to make any appointments?
No and No..the goal is for you to participate at least 3 times per week...any 3 can be Sat and Sun plus 1 weekday. It can be 6:30am Tues and Thur plus Sunday...You do not need to participate in the same classes every week and you can come more than 3 times if you like

Is this for Men and Women?
Yes we have both male and female participants

What if I have never worked out?
We all need to have a 1st day, the idea behind this is to help you get in shape, not for you to dominate the workout....

What will I be able to eat?
The meal plan will be easy to follow, the goal of a real eating program is for you to be able to do it, for it to be easy, for you to use food as fuel, not for you to be hungry...and if we need to make modifications like gluten free, or vegetarian we can do that

Do you need to buy supplements? 
No... Supplements are not food, however there are things the body needs that are important like Omega 3's (fish oils) and a Multi Vitamin that would be great for you... We do not have any for sale at the gym but can recommend what we think would work best. But again, you do not need to buy any

What time are the classes?
5pm Mon Tues Wed Friday
6pm Tues and Fri

7pm Tuesday
6:30am Tuesday and Thursday

8am and 9am Saturday
11am Sunday 

What is the Location?
5061 NW 159th St
Miami Lakes Fl, 33014


Do I have to Pay upfront?
Because we have limited availability your spot will only be secure once you have paid

Can I attend Orientation before I pay?
Yes, however, spots are limited so you can come, and here everything that is going on, and if you decide to join Saturday you can as long as we have room

Orientation is Saturday and We start on Monday!!

What If I Can't go Saturday but want to join?
No problem, click on the link to join, I will email you everything we cover on Saturday and you can start anytime

How do I sign-up? 
You can register and sign up for the program using a credit card by clicking here
if you would like an electronic invoice just let us know and I will send it.


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have

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