Sunday, September 8, 2013

Better than P90X?

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If you think the only way to lose fat is to slave away in front of
your TV for 6 hours per week with P90X, then you are making a
common mistake.

As regular guy Jay Casconi wrote in, "I am just over 30 and had
plateaued. Big Time! I had followed P90X for a couple years and
just couldn't finish losing my gut. I hate to say it but the
workouts became boring and I was becoming complacent."

But there's actually one form of exercise that's even worse than
boring one hour DVD workouts. On the next page you'll discover the
TRUTH about this one exercise that you must NEVER, ever do again.

In this shocking article from my friend and renegade fitness
expert, Craig Ballantyne, you'll find out how you can use a simple,
30-minute solution to lose belly fat in the comfort of your own
home without expensive treadmills or elliptical machines.
This revolutionary new approach is better because it works faster,
smarter, and eliminates all of the scary side effects of the one
exercise you should never do again.

By the way, when Jay stopped making these common exercise mistakes,
he was able to get amazing results, all thanks to Craig
Ballantyne's new 30-minute fun, fast, and effective workouts.
As Jay said, "With Craig's new workouts I lost an inch and a half
in my waist and added an inch to my chest."

And one woman, Debra Icenogle, recently lost 27 pounds in just 12
weeks and won $1000 in Craig's Transformation Contest by using
these exact workouts.

Oh, I almost forgot. You'll even learn how a good old cheeseburger
is even better for your body than this type of exercise.
Get ready to save time and frustration with this simple solution to
your stubborn belly fat problem.

Rafael Moret, CSCS NASM CPT


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