Sunday, January 20, 2013


I had a pretty unique situation happen over the weekend that you might like

Here's the deal:

On Friday I opened up our 4 week Carb Cycling Weight Loss program which normally sells for $297
and I told our web designer to discount the program to $97 for you....

and he messed up :-(


He forgot to change the price....

Now before we get ahead of ourselves...I have used this same program for a lot of different situations
and it has worked 100% of the time

Now the reason I wanted to discount it, is because during the survey 50% of you said you needed help with your meal planning.

And since I make it my goals to help as many of you as I can....I said I would like to help 100 people in the next 4 weeks!!

Anyway the web guy screwed up and now I feel silly.

But I still want to help 100 people....YES I DO...I personally want to help 100 of you lose weight in the next 4 weeks

and now I feel like the ONLY way to do this is to give you the 4 week weight loss meal plan for FREE!

Anyway, I'd like to walk you through how the whole
approach is going to work ...and exactly how I am going to give it to you, free.

More on that in a minute but first ...out of
respect for your time, let me tell you ...


The approach I'm sharing with you is specifically for
people who:

1. Anyone Male or female that would like to lose 5-20 pounds in the next 4 weeks

2. Anyone male or female who has tried dieting and not seen results

3. A man or woman that is tired of not seeing and getting results

4. A man or woman that can follow simple instructions

This approach is NOT for people who:

1. People who want to lose weight over the weekend

2. People that only want to change the way they eat one day per week

3. People who refuse to exercise

4. People that believe that starving yourself is the only way to lose weight


In the last 18 years I have created several meal planning programs for different people and situations

1. You will get the exact 4 week weight loss meal plan that will work BEST for you (FREE)

2. All the meals pre planned for you based on your day and life style (FREE)

3. A how-to-eat-out guide and understanding. I know you like to eat out and I know you will eat out, so lets plan for it (FREE)

4. A meal plan that works according to your current exercise and goals. (FREE)
    (Not every diet works the same for every BODY)

5.The #1 Secret to Weight Loss Success. The 1 thing most people can not offer: SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE (FREE)

..And much, much more!

The meal plans will be delivered to you via email, so you can do this any where in the world. 
You will get it all mapped out for you, and you will have the same results all of my students that have gone through this had had

Now some of my Meal Plans start at $197 and go up to $500 depending on the persons situation.

100 People will get this for FREE!

Now how do I know which plan to send you? Well simple we need a 30 minute coaching call.
We can do this on the phone, Via skype, IM, or in person at my studio. All we need is about 30 minutes

Now the coaching call requires me book some time and I want to make sure you are serious

Normally a coaching call is $197....but I have made it a personal goal to help 100 people

So I am knocking off $100 of the coaching get it for ONLY $97 (per person) by clicking here

100 people will get one of my now very famous and very effective meal plans for free

Book it, I will contact you via email to see what time will work best for the call

Again, anywhere in the world. You will get one of my 4 week meal plan, the one I think will  work best for you for FREE

I am only taking 100 people for the unique OPPORTUNITY, so do it now

The Boot Camp Rebel

P.S. Here's the "ADHD" version of this email for all you "skimmers":
My web guy messed up, I'm giving you a 4 week meal plan for free
all you need to do is get on the phone with me to see which one will work best for you
I'm only charging 50% of what I normally charge for a call...$97

ONLY 100 Spots OPEN


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