Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Jungle Cup Miami 2013

What an AWESOME way to start your day...not only a run, but some strength training as well...The Drive into Miami was great! Early enough where there was no traffic, sun was coming up and driving over the bridge at 8am I noticed the HUGE population of people running and biking...if you are a fan of fitness then that sight was really cool too see.   Ok...So  the  race must have been designed by Goldilocks herself because it was ‘just right’. Now don’t get me wrong. It was by no means easy. In fact, they saved the toughest obstacles for last – and a few of them popped up after you thought things couldn’t get any worse. It's tough to train for a run in an in even environment, over rocks and through sand, in very tight spaces, in and out of trees but that is part of the "ADVENTURE". I thought some of just the natural obstacles were a lot tougher than the ones they set up...running downhill over rocks and sand can be risky and for sure makes you work if you go slow, the LONG and NEVER ending run on...well actually in the beach cause the truth is you had to be in the water...then you had to cross a small gap in chest level COLD ocean water, THEN the 3 story Jump... definitely a highlight....the people 2nd guessing if they were going to jump or not... I jumped really high in the air first, adding height to my plunge. I don’t know how deep the water was, but I didn’t touch the bottom. BOOM! then the adrenaline started pumping. and then after all that...the combo obstacle with a wall/rope climb, tarzan swing, bamboo walk and another wall....OVER ALL I had a great time! I for sure need to train in better shoes for the next one, and I should not wait till the last minute to train for it. I have done a few and I go in with a lets have a good time and finish...for the next one I am going in with a lets beat my time mindset   HERE ARE SOME PICS:     Now do I think you should do one? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!! Why? because it different and you should try new things, because if you are reading this you are either in my class, have been in my class or enjoy working out in some way shape or form. It will challenge you, and you will feel GREAT finishing it Now here’s one of the best tips that I can give you for doing an Adventure Race: Sign-up  EARLY period and try to sign up for an early Start. Here’s why. First, you get to be one of the first people to run the course before it gets sloppy. Second it gives you a GOAL DATE or DEADLINE. Third, you don’t have to wait at any obstacles. Fourth, you finish so early that you still will have a full day to enjoy doing other stuff. And fifth and more importantly it gives you time to train and get ready for it


Over 50% of the people doing an Adventure Race are NOT prepared for it. The hill climbs are murder, the events require decent upper body strength, and when you get tired you are  going to have too much dead weight for a lot of obstacles. If you are not prepared, it’s going to take you a long time and you’re going to be hurting a LOT the next day. The Wrap-up As I write this, it’s Sunday morning and I’m a little stiff, but not even half as stiff as I was after the last race I did   Which brings me to my next Idea...if you have been to our facility you have seen the poster for the KING OF THE HILL  March 24th another 5k Adventure Race and the Down and Dirty Mud Run May 5th (Cinco de Mayo...oh goodness)   So I am designing The RATDE "R" Adventure Race Training Workout Here's a look at what you'll find in this unique fat burning workout program: •  The “Rated "R"  1000”, a brutal 10-exercise, all out fat burning bodyweight challenge designed to increase your strength and endurance. •  A  hill sprint "fiesta"  that gets more difficult with each passing week (if you have been to my Adventure Class at the park You know) – FAT BLASTING. •  A cool metabolic resistance training circuit  Bootcamp style– •  Two total body workouts that you will only need a band and a kettlebell for. •  Plus an 8-week plan to prep your body for the 5k Adventure. Now this will be a program that you will be able to download and FOLLOW... You can pre-order it by clicking below for just $17
(The program should be finished by Friday January 18th and will sell for $37)   IALSO wanted to take this chance and ANNOUNCE our first ADVENTURE WORKOUT of 2013 BACK TO THE BEACH.....more details to come....but this is a 90 Fat Blasting Workout! Rated "R" style on the BEACH! Look for more details   HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLE Rafael The Boot Camp Rebel    

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