Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Shenanigans

 TGIF The 13th? this is the first thing people think of... that we got that out of the way...I have lots of stuff for you

Still a  combination of ABS, LEGS and GLUTES is WINNING The Saturday morning VIP Workout

Like a "Butts and Gut" Beat Down..I mean workout

I will let the voting continue until tonight...

For now if you want to lock in your spot...The class is at 9am Saturday morning at our Hialeah location

Again..if you are NOT a bootcamp member or trying the program out (on a groupon or living social promo) can book your spot in this class for just $25

Who knew this herb could be so powerful for weight loss?

The Herb That Helps Maximize Fat Loss < == today's article. 

PPS - It's a shame that most supplement companies just don't care. We're in the industry - obviously - and we know firsthand they don't.

If you asked them to perform a double blind clinical trial on their "fat burning" formula, well, they'd laugh right in your face.

But as I've written to you before, we use the products we make. Our families use them. We want the same results for you as we want for them.

And that's why we did the study - to PROVE how amazing our Prograde Metabolism product is.

Click Here to see the results of the Double Blind Study >>

So, while lots of supplement companies out there just flat out stink and only want your money, just remember, we are genuinely concerned with the results you get for the money you spend.

We've got the research to prove it ;-)

Click Here to see the results of the Double Blind Study >>

That's all for now


The Boot Camp Rebel

PPPS - Again, the 15% off Prograde Metabolism sale ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm EST!

Enter Coupon Code METAB15 At Checkout >>


Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt 

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