Wednesday, September 2, 2009



today is the 1st Day of out labor day Promo's

Labor Day Promo's

Save 30% Off Boot Camp:
COMMIT to Boot Camp NOW and Only pay $175*, same deal 3 times per week...4 weeks...ANY location and never have to renew again...

Get It Here:

*(this one get billed automatically every month and you are free to cancel anytime)

Yes, You will be locked in to that $175 per month rate, and you renew via credit card every month don't have to remember to do it.

And when you want to can cancel anytime...

10 Day Detox:
I know many of you had a New Year fitness resolution and then had Summer Fitness Goals and now Labor Day weekend is HERE!! and The Back to School season...

Some of you have started a weight loss program and things are not moving as fast as you would like.

Some of you are yet to start, and are feeling a little like you failed.

So here we are...Is there a solution?...YES

We used to call it the fitness JUMP START!!! Now it's turned into
THE 10 DAY Weight Loss Jump Start/ Detox Program:

Special FREEE Bonuses;

Get A 12 Day Menu Plan to Keep You Going The 2 weeks after Your Detox.

Get and One of 6 or ALL 6 Special Reports;

FREE REPORT #1 - 10 Healthy Meals, In 10 Minutes or Less... And They Taste Terrific!

FREE REPORT #2 - 5 Anywhere, Anytime Exercises for Losing the Love Handles and Getting Rid of the Gut... Fast

FREE REPORT #3 - Tight, Toned and Terrific In 10 Minutes A Day: The Official Fitness Guide For Busy People

FREE REPORT #4 - How to Be A Hot Bikini Mom At Any Age: 7 Simple Steps For Getting Your Body Back Now

FREE REPORT #5 - The Ultimate Body Transformation Secret... And It's Not What You Think

FREE REPORT #6 - Revealed: The ONLY 3 Exercises You Need for A Sexy Stomach, Tight Tush and Toned Thighs

Get It All Just By Clicking Below....We Start Sunday, and I can Really Only Take 10 People...Sorry..
Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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