Sunday, May 4, 2008

Local Trainer Caught Using 'tct' To Enhance Weight Loss In His Miami Clients

Miami, Fl (PRWEB) May 4, 2008 -- No screaming, no yelling, no cardio and a ton of moving. South Florida Fitness Boot Camps ( )are the only one using "tct" in South Florida, and the results prove it works. Traditionally fitness boot camps are viewed a strenuous exercise routines lead by some military type instructor and are often feared. There is running, some basic exercise, an instructor in your face yelling at you and calling you names and then there is more running. This type of fitness boot camp delivers a workout, but does it deliver weight loss results?

Everyone is looking to get fit, shed some unwanted body fat and gain some lean, toned muscle. Usually that would require long boring hours of cardio. But No More says, Rafael Moret, the creator of the South Florida Fitness Boot Camp program. "People are looking to get results and they don't have all of the time in the world to get them. People have jobs, kids, families and other things that take time, so why waste it on a treadmill or bike at the gym and not get the fitness results you want?"

"Ever since we started using "tct" with our client we have been able to cut workout times in half, reduce the number of days per week people need to exercise and over deliver results", says Rafael.

So what is "tct"? TCT is an acronym for Timed Circuit Training. According to Moret, all of the latest studies show that working all of the muscles in unison forces the body to use more oxygen, therefore elevating your heart rate and creating that cardio like effect and in turn because we use resistance based exercise, creating more lean muscle tissue and all leading to greater fat loss.

"We do it all in led than 45 minutes, our clients get there heart rate up to 140-170 beats per minute and burn 400-500 calories per class".
What most people want is a weight loss and fitness solution that finally works for them. No other fitness program in South Florida offers such an iron-clad guarantee of results. Believe me, if we weren't confident this system works, we certainly wouldn't offer a money-back guarantee. People are sick of the hype and misinformation surrounding the weight loss and fitness industry. All they want is something that will finally give them results. We guarantee the is no-nonsense, practical for anyone and will fulfill on the promise regardless of the individual's fitness level or age.


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