Friday, December 7, 2007

Just Checking IN, 12 Days of Fitness

Hi Everyone,

Just checking to see if you recieved the email I sent you a couple
of days ago about the 12 days of fitness gift giveaway that I've
been helping out with recently.

I hope you signed up for it because it's where my new
EBOOK will be released along
with... get this... 0ver 400 over amazing free gifts contributed by
250 of the world's leading health, fitness, nutrition and
motivation experts.

Yes, I said free!

The whole lot is available online as of the 10th of December for a
full 12 days but to get your hands on it (and my new report of
course), you have to get on over to
12 Days Of Fitness
sign up for advance notification, otherwise you'll miss out.

So get on over there, and make sure you sign up right
away ok?

You'll be really glad you did!

Happy Holidays


P.S - These guys are among the top of the world's fitness elite and
normally charge a lot for what they produce for the public.
Make sure you take advantage of their Holiday season generosity by
getting your name on that list!
12 Days Of Fitness

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