Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Want to know the #1 exercise for flat abs?

Hello again,

I was reading an article the other
day which talked about how to get a
flat stomach...

Do you want to know what they
considered the #1 exercise to get
flat abs...?

It's not crunches, or sit ups or
any number of other so called "abs

It's the sprint...

Think about it for a second...

Who do you think has more defined abs,
an athlete or the average gym goer...?

It turns out that crunches only work
a small portion of your ab muscles...

As well, the time under tension, another
important factor to consider in ab development,
is very small with the crunch...

During sprinting, the entire abdominal
cavity is forced to engage in one
huge effort to stabilize the
trunk and internal organs...

Even one 10-second sprint can
induce an enormous amount of force
on the abs...

As a bonus, sprinting is awesome for
fat loss which traditional ab exercises
are not good at...

Sprint training produces a metabolic ripple
that has you burning fat for hours and days
after the workout is over...

So not only is the sprint good for
abdominal development, it is an
excellent fat burning exercise which
may make it the best exercise to get
your abs lean and sexy...

Do you have a question on how to get
a flat stomach and six-pack abs...?

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