Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I realized early in my business that people want results. And they want them FAST!

If you can't deliver better results than the competition -- you're finished!

My typical client who comes to me to drop fat and get lean has usually tried, on average, seven previous workout programs and diets. And failed. So I have to succeed. And I have to succeed fast.

It was VERY clear to me that if I got fast results - for example.. let's say the first ten pounds of fat off a person in record time - in other words they see fast, effective weight loss - then that client stayed with me for life. If I couldn't deliver, they were gone. In order to succeed in the fitness business I had to deliver better results than anyone else, quicker than anyone else.

After studying the field for years, reading everything I could get my hands on, including several other well respected fitness trainers programs, I started to see why some programs worked well and others were just a waste of your time and money.

Instead of looking at the differences between programs (which is a great way to confuse yourself!!!) I started to look at the similarities between the successful ones. I examined them. I understood them. And I improved them!

It was clear that the concept of SYNERGY - the 'whole' being greater than the sum of the parts, was one of the keys to the successful programs.

With a good diet, an individual could easily lose 1lb per week, with a good cardio program (not an aerobics program), an individual could lose another 1lb per week, and with a good resistance training program aimed exclusively at fat loss, an individual could lose another 1lb per week.

But most programs at best, covered two of these methods. Others would have you doing bodybuilding weight routines to make you bigger and long slow cardio routines to make you smaller. Idiotic at best. And they all may have worked a little- but they definitely didn't work optimally.

If the diet alone could produce a pound of weight loss, and the cardio program could provide a pound of weight loss, and the resistance program could produce another pound - that's an average of three pounds per week.

So how come no one was losing more than about 1-2 pounds per week total?

Why did the results seem to cancel each other out -- instead of complimenting each other?

Then I started reading the research -- finding out what worked....and what didn't:

I discovered:

A diet study that shows a simple change can increase dietary compliance and fat loss -- without reducing calories

A 1998 study that showed that the addition of 45 minutes of hard aerobic training, 5 times a week for twelve weeks - had no effect on fat loss!

One 1994 showed an interval training method to reduce body fat (skinfold measurements) nine times more than traditional cardio training -- despite taking less time

Another study (1999) showed that the addition of a specific resistance training program increased fat loss by 35% over diet plus aerobic training

A 2002 study used an Afterburn-type approach to training - and showed an elevation of metabolism for 38 hours post workout!
So I started thinking...

What if I designed the ULTIMATE cardio routine for fat loss?

AND the ULTIMATE nutrition plan?

AND a resistance training routine that wasn't based on outdated bodybuilding routines - but one designed EXCLUSIVELY to burn massive amounts of fat?

And - the real key - what if I designed them, tweaked them and modified them to COMPLEMENT each other instead of COUNTERACTING each other?

So I did.


This time the total fat lost was greater than the sum of the parts!! Clients who could lose 1lb per week with each method were able to lose sometimes up to 3, 4 or 5lbs per week when using the EXACT combination as I prescribed it!

By manipulating a few key variables to create a strategic combination of these activities - targeted fat loss nutrition, cardio and a specific metabolic resistance training program, my clients were able to get BETTER results than before. And in less time than with any other method.


"a workout program that incinerates fat faster than a crematorium on sumo night."

Not the most politically correct statement I know! But I think you get the picture.

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