Monday, June 26, 2017


25 Bootcamp Memberships and Then We Are Closing to the Public :-)

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend... the last 2 weeks I have been talking about the importance of helping everyone Level up with our FitranX program..

I have been talking about making sure all of Awesome Bootcamp Family members get RESULTS

Now in an effort to make all that happen...In an effort to make sure I am focused on delivering these results and growing our other 3 businesses....I don't want to focus time on marketing an advertising to new members...

So we came up with a number and here it is 25...

We have 25 spots left at Bootcamp, 25 more memberships and that's it...
All our current members and then 25 more and then the velvet rope goes up...
Now I did reach out to a few people on Friday and as a result we now have
 25 24 22 21 memberships

We are not closing...but I will not let anyone else promos, no ads..nothing...Just focused on delivering great workouts and Results. 

So with that I emailed our a few people Friday and the 1st 4 spots are taken.

If you want to get going with our it now...
If you want to come back and lock in a it now...
if you have a friend or family member or co is the time, send this to them

I am making a list with 25 spots and as soon as they are taken we are done....

If you want a spot...just reply
If you know someone forward them the info
If you have questions...let me know

Did you know that among best anti-aging foods for women...the top two are Blueberries and Omega 3's from wild salmon.

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