Sunday, December 18, 2016

My High Blood Pressure

Had a follow up visit yesterday with my Doctor
So while I was in the hospital and after I left a few months ago...they said I had High Blood Pressure...real when I was in, they had me taking norvasc and metoprolol and they wanted me to keep taking it when I left...and since I'm a good patient I did for a full 3 days (not a fan of meds)....I just don't think medication is the answer to something that can be fixed with a little patience and a little time...My eating is very good, I know a guy that knows a thing or 2 about nutrition...I exercise regularly, I know a guy that helps with that too...and I take my Kyani Supplements EVERYDAY...
My blood work is GREAT, everything is rockin the house!!! Now I bring this to your attention for 2 reasons...#1 Your health is one of my top priorities and it should be yours too...yes yes yes everyone wants to burn fat, and get tight and tone, but if you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs it won't give you what you want.
I want to live a long time and in order to do that I need to take care of myself in the best way possible...and I know that supportive eating and exercise are key and making sure I get my vitamins is critical so I choose Kyani.
#2 I find it very interesting how when someone is sick and the Dr gives them a prescription for meds, people go out do what the Dr said, no questions asked...if your loved ones are sick you jump and go pick up their meds (price is no object) ...yet when It's time to take care of better, exercise, and take the supplements your body needs to function better...We don't have time, we can't right now, and we don't have $$$
If this year has taught me anything (and I hope it taught all of you through my experience) it's that we don't have time...we don't have time not to make the right decisions...your health is the most precious thing you own...without it you can't go to work, you can't take care of the people you care for, you can't go on vacations, you can't go to school and you can live the full life you were meant to live...
As we close our 2016 and get ready for a New Year....I hope you take a moment to invest in that you can keep moving forward..

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