Friday, February 17, 2012


TGIF People!!!
What an awesome week...
Some quick notes:
The 4pm and pretty much all classes are based on participation, if we don;t have any we can;t have a class.
I will try the 4pm one more time on Monday and then move on...
The Sunday 10am in Pines starts next Sunday not this Sunday.
Tomorrow morning is bring a "someone" to Bootcamp day...for the 8am or 9am...bring a firend, husband, wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, or anyone... so they see what you do.
OK...Why Bootcamp?
Have you ever wondered why people pick on fitness program over another?
Well let's see what a bootcamp is...or supposed to be
When bootcamps first started coming out, it was about the intensity of the workout.
Then it was about a group workout, that was not an aerobic class
Now it is 2 things:
1. It's a way where a professional fitness coach can offer the oppurtunity to train under his or her services at a fraction of the cost of one on one training. Because you have a group the trainer can offer great training for less $$, this way impacting the lives of more people and allowing more people to participate. We call it bootcamp because it's easier to understand
2. A trainer trying to make a quick buck off the popularity of the term bootcamp or a group fitness class at the local gym just called bootcamp.
I have been trying to get away for the term bootcamp, but group training is always associated with aerobic I keep it...for now.
If you happen to find a good bootcamp and there are a get the creativity of a qualified fitness pro...not some washed up, watered down workout.
Sure you can do other things...but let me tell you what's out there:
Nate Hemphill is an assistant strength & conditioning coach at the University of California-Davis
Here wrote this article:

Why Real Athletes Don’t Do Crossfit

Sure it looks cool on ESPN, but if you want to actually build muscle, gain strength, and improve athletic performance, you’re better off without Crossfit.

Makes sense to start by writing that I realize this article may upset a few people, but I can take the criticism and hopefully they can too. Just seemed like an appropriate time to write about Crossfit, for everywhere I go, people are talking about how Crossfit can help you become a better athlete.
But seriously, what part of Crossfit makes it good for athletes? It is the un-periodized workouts? Is the use of submaximal strength? Is it the large chances of injuries? Is it the “mental challenge?”
Listen there has been a lot of bad press about Crossfit lately and I am the first to say if you have a good instructor you can get a good workout....the problem is...what is the purpose of the workout? Is the workout designed with your goal in mind?...if you do it and you like it and you are getting the results you want...then great.
Again...2 good just got to pop in the dvd and do it...
But are Shawn and Tony going to ask you what it is you want? Are they going to make sure you are not cheating? Are they going to email you 42 times a day to remind you to workout?
Will they ask if you had cake for lunch?
People there are a lot of Great programs...I say this ALL the time...
But when 1 programs says they are the end all to all programs, they are not being honest.
I tell all my students..we combine a lot of elements in my classes, and I encourage everyone to do other things that are fitness related, so you can enjoy fitness..Pole Dancing classes, Salsa Classes, Pilates, Yoga, YES do them...but they are not the answer to everything
Today on Groupon I saw this:

$799 for Eight i-Lipo Noninvasive Fat-Reduction Treatments ($2,400 Value)

Come on people...$799 no training means no lean muscle stimulation, no supportive eating means you are still eating crap...
I will continue to DELIVER the truth...
BUT TODAY is the last day to get our $97... 30 day trial option... by Noon tomorrow it will be off our website
Have an awesome day people!!
Rated "R"

Rafael Moret,CSCS, NASM-Cpt

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