Saturday, October 23, 2010

1,000 Calorie Workouts Are Everywhere

Somethings work..and SOMEthings DON'T

But when someting REALLY works, everyone wants a piece..

So ALL week I have been talking about 1,000 Calorie Workouts at My BOOTCAMP

and I know who reads my stuff..I know some trainers are reading my stuff..I read a lot of other trainers stuff..that's how we get BETTER..I certainly did not INVENT Fitness and or Exercising.

But I don't want to lose track..Back to the 1,000 Calorie workout..

I have my own NEW product coming out this week..I have to say it's geared more toward getting inshape for the HOLIDAYS..but the idea of Burning 1,000 calories in 1 workout..WORKS..

Look how many are out there:

1000 Calorie Workout

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Discover How You Can Burn MORE Than
1,000 Calories EVERY Workout, Diet ONLY Three Days Each Week, And Consistently Melt Away Up to FIVE Pounds Of Pure Fat EVERY 7 Days...

This is a MATH equation. You currently burn X amount of calories. Add just three 1,000+ calorie workouts to your bottom line each week, and you’ll be burning at least TWICE that number.

Now add another 1,000 calorie AFTERBURN x 3 as you hang out at home as a result of those workouts.

Then add ANOTHER 1,000 – 2,000 calorie deficit x 3 from the strategic 1,000 calorie diet days.

Do the math:
1,000 x 3 thousand calorie workouts
1,000 x 3 for the afterburn
1,500 x 3 for the 1,000 calorie diet days
500 x 3 for the moderate diet days

What are we up to? About 12,000 calories or AT LEAST 4 pounds of pure fat every week? Yeah. You ALREADY GET IT.


In Miami Lakes in Pembroke Pines and EVERYWHERE WE ARE!!

You can join:

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