Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 Fat Burn Tips

Hey Everyone

Just a quick one you three of the most important
things you need to be doing to burn fat.

1) Figure out your food intake.

You can't just "wing it". You can't "eyeball" your food intake, as
research shows that even nutritionists underestimate how much food
they are eating.

So find out exactly how many calories you are eating each day. If
you aren't losing fat, it's a simple numbers game. You are eating
too much or not enough. And if you know your numbers, its easy to make the
necessary changes.

2) Use the right recovery pace in your interval training

The biggest mistake people make in interval training is working too
on there off days. Exercise...wait moving burns calories. If you are not eating enough to support that and not resting so your body can change you are doing yourself a dis-service

So lose the have to do cardio mentality and be sure to alternate between
periods of harder than normal exercise, and very easy exercise.

Use the recovery period to recover!

3) Plan your food intake on the weekend

Set aside time to plan, shop, and prepare several days worth of
meals. Use a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to cook some chicken
breasts, prepare some raw vegetables, wash your fruit, and pack up
your nuts.

Plan ahead and you won't succumb to vending machine follies, or gas
station sabotage on your diet.

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