Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fitness Boot Camp Version 2.0

Before I start, WOW!! What A Year SO Far
So Here We GoIt's been over 6 Months since we did our first boot camp in Miami. And here we are 8 week away from the Many things have changed,and New Things have been added.

A new version...2.0 " 2.0 refers to a perceived second-generation of services--that emphasize online collaboration and sharing.." - WikipediaSo I'm announcing my:
"BOOTCAMP - version 2.0" The program has continued to develop and now we want address the need to get in shape for the SUMMERSo here id what we are going to do

BOOTCAMP 2.0 is:

8 Weeks of Unlimited Boot Camp classes instead of 4 (including Mornings,evenings and Saturdays) $650 Value
8 Weeks of Weight Management using our Meal Plans 101 software. Take control of what you are eating and get NEW menus weekly.$350 Value
Weekly Online Digital Workout programs $150 Value
A Copy of Nutrition House Call Secrets Revealed E book $27 value
1 One on One Training session in the gym to go over any fitness questions you have had $100 value

Total Value of BOOTCAMP 2.0 $1,277.00

You get it for $597
This offer is Only Good Until Saturday Afternoon, so if it sounds like something you would like to take advantage of now is the time.

We are on MYSPACE =

and LAST but not Least
PROGRADE is Up and Running

Who Do You Trust More a veteran fitness expert or that kid at the vitamin store?

Yes, that’s a serious question.
Prograde Nutrition was not only founded by Fitness Professionals, it’s only available through Fitness Professionals. Believe us, you don’t want an uneducated store clerk earning minimum wage - plus commission we might add - selling you junk you don’t need.
Or worse, sell you something dangerous. The Fitness Professionals who sell Prograde only care about one thing: YOU!
Have you come looking for magic pills and quick fixes?
If you have we’re very sorry. As Fitness Professionals we know there aren’t any. Chances are if you found us you’ve come to that realization, too.
Our beliefs are concrete.
We believe a sound exercise program and proper eating, combined with Prograde products to fill in the nutritional “gaps”, creates the dynamic body and life you deserve.
Highest quality nutritional product manufacturing: Awarded GMP Certification by the Natural Products Association Transform your body: our products and fitness experts will help you take control of your health so you can reach your goals. Pure: Natural ingredients grown on our untainted 2,500 acre farm in Florida Easy: No trumped up shipping charges. No confusing ‘supplement stacks’. Just simple, straightforward nutrition you can trust with zero hassle.

OK THAT"S IT BOOTCAMP 2.0 is ON till Saturday

Go for it.

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