Friday, January 9, 2009

Weird News From Friends at Prograde

As you probably already know, Prograde Nutrition was started by a couple of fitness pros to be a resource for ethical trainers, such as myself. They created a company that I can have complete faith in recommending to you.

I think a lot of people in my industry were laughing behind their backs hoping they would fail. Well, not only have they silenced their critics, their products are so in demand they are now shipping to the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand! Plus, they will soon be able to ship to just about anywhere in the world.

Yes, the products are THAT good and they are that much in demand.

So to celebrate their new shipping destinations, and just to ring in the New Year, they are having a 10.9% off everything sale.

Yes, that's 10.9 as in January of 2009 ;-)

Here are some other details I want to make sure you know about:

- Again, you receive 10.9% off all Prograde products.

- It will run from Thursday, January 8th until Thursday, January 15th at 11:59pm EST.

- Yes, that 10.9% off will be applicable to SmartShip orders. But it only applies to that first purchase. Not ongoing.

- The coupon code you enter at checkout is:


- The website is /

Oh, and you should definitely check out the Prograde Longgevity- that's my favorite Prograde product. I've been using it with pretty amazing results.

Yours in health,

Rafael Moret,CSCS

PS- Remember, this Celebration Sale ends next Thursday, so be sure to order right away and take advantage of these BIG savings. /

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