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WBFF MIAMI Contest Is Over (Some Pics) and What's Next?

Monday, November 5, 2018


​It's Peak Week for All of our Competitors, this Saturday they will get on stage in Miami and show everything they have been working for in the last 4 months...

That's's only been that long....a lot can happen to the way you look when you are doing the right thing...I have a few people that have dropped 10lbs, some have lost 20lbs some have lost 30lbs...ALL OF THEM HAVE TRANSFORMED THE WAY THEY LOOK...can't wait to share pictures of all of them

So, luckily this contest is in Miami and we do not have to travel, and it will ONLY affect the schedule at THE WORKOUT for Friday...we will not have any workouts this Friday...there is an Athletes meeting at 5pm that we must all attend.

Saturday and Sunday all classes remain on :-)
Then I will head down to Miami and I will be recording all the check ins with my competitors on Instagram so you can all I see what they look like so I can map out what they will eat the day of the show.

The show is open to everyone, and we will all probably head out to celebrate after...and you can all join us for the festivities

CONTEST OR NOT....I think this should serve as an opportunity for a lot of you thinking about a transformation, or a change in the way you look....It is not impossible, it will not take forever and yes you can do it...

No one took short cuts, no one suffered...


​​​​​​​You do not have to want to compete to experience a transformation like this, but you do need to be committed and you do need to be consistent.

If you are interested...let me know, we will set up a time to talk about your goals and how I can help

Tickets are officially on Sale..

You can get details to the event here:

Tickets will also be sold at the doors of the venue but you can get them here:

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Hello Everyone,

Wow, what an many things happening...
and NOVEMBER will be no different so let me just give you an idea of what I am talking about.

November 1st 
New Month: New Goals Workshop with my Expansion Group
Oh...yes...I started an Expansion Group...and not just weight loss, fat loss, or fitness related...LIFE EXPANSION...I mean seriously...What happens after you get in shape, lose the weight, win the show...or what ever goal we are working on...LIFE CONTINUES AND AT THE END WE ALL WANT GROWTH...EXPANSION IS everyone is not ready or willing...but if you are interested, you can shoot me an email ;-)

Let me give you an example of some of what I am working on in my fitness for NOVEMBER, that I discussed in detail with my group.

Let me Preface...why this is happening and why it will happen...
I discussed this with my Coaches* on Monday.....Accountability <==
and I discussed it with my Group, because while I am Coaching them...Knowing where the people you surround yourself with are going, lets you know how hard you are or... are not working....

(*Coaching is critical, what kind of BS would I be talking to you about and telling you to do about the importance of Coaching , if I didn't have a Coach or Coaches)

So, I have been in a "losing phase all year, read my IG post from Transformation Tuesday here for more insight and I am 100% on target with my goals for this year...yes, you read right..for the year, not the last 6 weeks or 28 based on those projections I need to achieve an 8-10 lbs loss by December 1st...

I am also re-setting ONE of my fitness goals for November..
In September I set out to do more Pullups and Dips than I had ever done in my life by compounding reps ( I did 300 of each total for Sept)..

So this Month...ONE OF THE ELEMENTS I am compounding is a short Sequence at the end of my workouts, that I will commit to doing EVERYDAY...

At the end of my workout today I will do 
10 Pushups
10 Squats
5 Dips
5 Pull ups
and a 30 Second Run

I chose these because they are part of a bigger exercise project I am working on, but here is what will I will do that and then every day I will add 1 rep to each move and 10 seconds to that run and here is the result of just that at the end of the month

775 Pushup
775 Squat
585 Dips 
585 Pull Ups
5,250 seconds running

That is just in addition to my workouts...I might document the whole know what I will document the whole thing!

Ok...Gonna be a Super Powerful November, Look at this:

November 2nd (Friday) THE PODCAST IS BACK!!!!

November 3rd (Saturday) 
THE TEST 8am and 9am....Everyone that comes to THE WORKOUT

12PM Private Pre Contest Workout for ALL WBFF Competitors that are in the area that want to come rock and roll with us

November 9th (Friday) 
Pre Contest Meeting for Athletes

November 10th (Saturday)
WBFF Miami Fitness and Figure Show 

November 22nd (Thanksgiving)
Annual Family Style Pre-Thanksgiving WORKOUT

November 30th 
Measurement of Goals for November 

WAIT ....there is so much more....Can't wait to share with you

See you at THE WORKOUT later...5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Coach Rafael