Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fitness Jump Start

First I'd like to say..I never do this

I know many of you had a New Year fitness resolution...

Some of you have started and things are not moving as fast as you would like.

Some of you are yet to start, and are feeling a little like you failed.

So here we are...Is there a solution?...YES

It's called the fitness JUMP START!!!

This is the formula I would use when someone calls in DESPERATE Need of help..

They Have a Wedding in 10 days or less
They need to get in a bathing suit in 10 days or less
High School Reunion is in 10 days or less
Office Party You need to fit in to a New Dress for in 10 days or less

What ever the circumstances might be, this is not a weight loss solution to a long term problem...This is a short term solution to a long term goal...

BUT...if you can lose more weight in the Next 10 days than you did last year, that will definitely give you the JUMP START YOU Need...
Now like I said before...I NEVER DO THIS..why because it's a short term solution...

But I realize, some of you might need that extra kick...

So, I will ONLY offer this for the first 10 people to respond...WHY?

This will be a 10 day instruction program delivered via email ONLY

Every 2 days for 10 Days you will get the exact instructions I give my "SPECIAL" needs clients

Why only 10 will need help and direction and I have boot camps to teach and other clients to help..more than 10 people on this Fitness JUMP START will be to many

Enough said, I shouldn't be doing this in the first place..

How much???

$17.50 per day...that's right that's it..$175 for the same program I never sell to anyone, and ONLY use in special circumstances...

Fill in your name and email below, you will be sent all of the information you need..

WE START JANUARY 21st 2009 and the program will run for the Last 10 days of January...

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